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Should I Recommend Smart Locks?


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Recommending Smart Locks

What most people don’t know about locksmiths is that they are there not only to help you when you’re locked out of your home, they can also provide some useful security advice!

Recently, one of the most asked questions locksmiths and locksmith businesses face from their customers is whether they should change to smart locks. For many people, it is hard to make the decision to change as they have only ever used a traditional lock and are unsure of the benefits and drawbacks of a smart lock. This blog will take you through when you should and shouldn’t recommend smart locks as a locksmith.

What the customers are looking for?

The first thing you have to consider before recommending a smart lock is what exactly the customers are looking for?


The main aspect which will be very important to all customers is security. When customers can’t decide whether to change to smart locks or stay with their traditional ones, the question to pose to them is to ask them what security issues do they currently face? To clarify, what issues do they face the most when it comes to their traditional locks in terms of security? Is it losing keys issue that they face more often? Or is it a forgetting to lock their door when they leave their house? If your customer has a specific problem with the security of their locks that happens quite often and can be avoided when a smart lock is installed, then you should recommend installing a smart lock.

On the other hand, if your customer has issues remembering their safe password or any smart device password and, generally feel unprotected when it comes to a smart device more than traditional security locks, then the best way is to explain all the pros and cons and leave them to decide.


Smart locks are well known to be ahead of the competition when it comes to convenience. They do come with flaws, just like any lock or smart device, it is important to ask if your customer if something like hacking will be a concern of theirs. Statistics show that burglary is a crime of opportunity, so it’s unlikely an intruder will have pre planned to hack into your smart door lock.

The second aspect here is that most customers who will ask you this question will probably have at least one smart device in their house, so it is worth asking them how convenient they have found their smart device or devices, so far.

Most smart locks work with a smartphone or a fob, which can eliminate the inconvenience of lost and stolen keys as well as the worry of forgetting how many people had your spare keys. If your customer is looking for the listed convenience aspects, it is time for a smart lock recommendation!


Having control over who enters your customer’s home will be a major factor for them when it comes to thinking of changing to smart locks. If they often have someone in to water the plants or a cleaner when they are not home, then a smart lock could give them some more control as you can set up timed ‘keys’ that will only let that person in your home when they are supposed to be there.

However, the customer may feel more secure giving someone a physical key and then collecting this back but this does rely on the customer retrieving the key and this does leave the customer vulnerable to their key being copied and someone entering the home when they are not authorized to do so.

If the customer has a large family, a smart lock again could give the customer some more control. If members of the family are constantly loosing keys or forgetting keys, then a smart lock could eliminate this problem.


Not massively important for everyone, but an aspect to consider is how compatible your customer is with the different complex features that come with smart locks compared to traditional locks. To clarify, traditional locks are very simple, just a lock and its key, whereas smart locks come with many complex features. At this point, you can simply illustrate this fact to your customer and ask whether they will be compatible with installing a smart lock and dealing with its features.

Fitting Smart Locks

Another aspect of smart locks that locksmiths get asked about quite often is whether they can fit a smart lock themselves or whether they should hire a professional to do it.

There are many guides available for customers who chose the DIY route to fit their smart locks themselves, however it is usually recommended to have a locksmith or a smart lock installer to fit the locks so that they are done correctly. The following are different DIY mistakes a customer might make when attempting to fit themselves:

  • Incorrect installation – there are many guides and videos available, however a small mistake in installing the smart lock can lead to having to get a professional in to rectify the mistake, or rebuying the lock if it is damaged.

  • Digital problems – just like any smart device, digital issues can happen to smart locks, like the lock being jammed for example.

  • Purchasing unnecessary tools – installing a smart lock will need specific locks that a customer will end up buying and not use it again.

These are only some of the issues a customer may face when installing a smart lock themselves. Hiring a professional should always be advised while recommending a smart lock to any customer to prevent any DIY problems. If you are interested in providing smart locks as part of your locksmith business, please ensure you are fully trained before doing so.

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