December 28, 2020 | HFerris | Blog

The Importance of Customer Service


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Customer service comes naturally to some; others must work at it to master the nuances of small talk. However, customer service is always at the heart of the business and is essential for any business looking to operate in this society. Walking away leaving your customer satisfied, feeling valued and most importantly that they got value for money is crucial for any business no matter the industry.

But how does customer service effect your business and what are some small things you can do to take your customer service even further you might ask. We have put together our top tips for customer service and answered all your questions on why it is so important!


What is customer service?

The official definition is “The assistance, advice or aid provided by a company to customers that use or buy the companies products or services” however there is an argument to be made that customer service is so much more than this.

Customer service is the support that you offer to customers, it is the actions taken that allow customers to have a good and enjoyable experience with a company and ultimately it is ensuring that the customer is happy.


What would be considered good customer service?

Good customer service will differ slightly for different industries, situations, and people but ultimately good customer service is providing a timely, attentive service that would reflect positively on the company or business.


Why is customer service so important?

Create and maintain customer loyalty

Good customer service is essential in retaining customers and creating brand loyalty. Providing a customer with first-class customer service will make it more likely that they will want to use your services again should they need to, and they would be more likely to also recommend you to their friends and family.

Customer service represents your brand

However you may want your brand to come across, actions will always speak louder than words and leaving a customer with a good impression from great customer service will always promote the best image of your brand.

Customer service helps to boost your reputation

A good reputation for local businesses who generate work on word of mouth is essential to remain competitive with local competitors. Providing a first class service to customers will build your businesses reputation and will encourage other customers to engage in your services.

Good customer service leads to good customer reviews

Having a wealth of reviews for any business is essential in today’s world and gives you a competitive advantage above competitors, giving the customer a reason to choose your business. Receiving a glowing review will help to give other people confidence in your business and service.

What can I do to improve my customer service?

The best way to instantly improve your customer service is to have a positive attitude, you might be having a bad day, but customers will instantly pick up on your mood and it will be reflected. Turning up to a job with a smile and positive attitude will ensuring it is set off on the right foot!

Stay Positive

It may be hard if something isn’t going right but a positive attitude goes a long way to improving customer experience and will undoubtedly ensure your customer service is first class.

Understand your customer

Take the time to listen to your customer and understand what they are looking for or the issue they are having. This helps you to better tailor your service to each customer and ensure they walk away happy with their service.

Make them feel at ease

No matter the issue, making the customer feel at ease is a perfect way to provide great customer service. Has something broken? Are they locked out? Not a problem! Making the customer feel at ease during any situation will help to turn a bad situation into a more pleasant experience.

Provide fast and efficient customer support

Customers will always have questions about a service or a product, ensuring that you answer those questions to your full ability allows a customer to feel supported leading to customer satisfaction.

Ask for feedback from customers

Whether glowing or constructive, gaining feedback from your customer will help you to better understand how you come across and improve on areas which you may not be as strong it. This will help you to improve your customer service to future customers.

Respond to reviews

Responding to reviews left on Google, Trustpilot or any other service will help your customers feel heard and appreciated leading to better customer loyalty. Likewise, responding to negative reviews gracefully allows for other customers to see that you are willing to try and improve your customer service wherever possible, whilst also giving yourself the opportunity to explain the issue given the review/complaint context.