New Locks to Market: Smart locks

New Locks to Market: Smart locks

Over the past few years, locks as we know them have begun to change. As technology evolves, so do locks and now it is more common for customers to want smart locks installed. While these locks are relatively new to the market, it’s important that you have some knowledge of how they work and which ones to recommend to your customers.


What are Smart Door Locks?

A smart lock is a lock that is an electronic and mechanical locking device that will open remotely with a recognised users command.

A smart lock is either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled and gives the user the ability to get rid of traditional keys completely. Smart door locks allow remote access and can be opened with a fob, an app on your phone or even a voice command.

The majority of smart lock devices use mobile apps or websites to allow residents to share access to other people by sending them a ‘virtual’ key. These can be sent through text messages, emails or can be accessed via the app that is connected to the smart lock.


Are Smart Door Locks Secure?

Some people may be a bit sceptical of whether these new smart door locks are as safe as good old fashioned regular locks. However smart door locks are said to offer a higher level of security than a bog-standard mortice lock. The benefit lies in the fact the ‘key’ can be changed within seconds. Digital keys can be recalled, deleted and recreated from your phone or computer. There is also the added benefit that if a customer leaves the house without locking their door, they can lock it remotely from wherever they are. Seeing as 47% of burglaries happen in the spur of the moment, a customer shouldn’t leave their door unlocked on the off chance a burglar tries it. Smart door locks are also less vulnerable to picking and bumping, this is because if the lock is truly keyless then there is no way a burglar can pick it.

With anything that’s stored on an electronic device that is connected to the internet there is always a risk of being hacked. The biggest manufactures of smart door locks such as August, Ring and Kwikset are always responding to new hacking threats by updating their firewalls. It is however reassuring to know that an average burglar that is trying to gain access to a standard home is extremely unlikely to have the skills to hack and open a smart lock.


What are the Best Smart Door locks?

August Smart Lock Pro

August lead the field in smart door locks as their locks are always the most advanced. The August smart lock pro can be paired with lots of different smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit. It’s one of the simplest smart door locks to use, which is positive for older customers who might struggle with technology. Another good feature of the August Smart Lock is the auto lock and unlock feature, which means a customer can have the door lock automatically after a set amount of time has passed. It will also unlock automatically when it senses the homeowner nearby; meaning they never have to search for their keys when arriving home.


Samsung Digital Door Lock

If your customer is looking for a cheaper smart door lock then the Samsung digital door lock might be the way to go. You get all the features of a standard smart door lock, but at a lower cost. A great feature of this smart lock is the random security code feature. Some might worry that with a keypad it might leave impressions of what the code is to get into the house however with this feature engaged, 2 random numbers will have to be pressed before the password can be coded in. This means that intruders are prevented from checking the fingerprints left to try to gain entry.

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