Brands to Know as a Locksmith

Brands that you Should Know as a Locksmith

Within the Locksmith industry there are a few key brands that are helpful to know, whether to help further your own Locksmith business or for more information with different types of locks. Here are some key brands that you should be aware of within the Locksmith Industry.


Which? Trusted Traders

Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme operated by Which? That recognises good standing local tradespersons. They range from all types of professionals, to give customers peace of mind that the service they are choosing is reputable and of high quality. The Which? Trusted Trader logo is instantly recognisable with customers and creates a level of trust before they even pick up the phone.

Every Which? Trusted Trader is put through a rigorous vetting process in which to ensure their authenticity and that the high standards of Which? are met. Anyone looking to join the scheme must pass a standard assessment where their references and qualifications are checked to ensure that they have all the right procedures in place and conform to the code of conduct.

Why is Which? Trusted Traders important for business?

The Which? brand is one that many people recognise and trust the endorsement that is given to a service. It is important to businesses as this independent association is a trust signal to help customers feel more comfortable and assured when they choose a company or service.

Trust Signals: Elements that are often displayed on websites and advertisements, to help customers feel more secure in their decision to choose a company, product, or service.


Buy with Confidence

Buy With Confidence is a scheme out together by multiple Local Authority Trading Standards Services in the hopes minimise concerns about ‘rogue’ traders. Unfortunately, much like the Locksmith industry, there is a lack of regulation among certain services that can lead to unqualified and unexperienced people not providing the services that should be. This scheme was created to provide customers with a list of companies and services that have undergone a series of detailed checks by industry professionals to ensure their commitment to excellence and trading fairly.

How does Buy With Confidence help a business?

Much like Which? Trusted Trader Buy With Confidence is a trust signal that a business can use to differentiate themselves and show the customer the level of their service from a glance. It also helps to show the experience and qualifications that a professional service holds over rogue traders within an industry.


British Standards Institute

When a product is kitemarked as British Standard it means that it has reached the minimum standards of security therefore is recognised as a quality product. British Standard is often the minimum requirement for most insurance companies as that is the minimum quality of security that they would accept on a domestic premise. The British Standard Stamp, regarded as The Kitemark, is widely regarded, and coveted for security reasons.

Why do you need to know about British Standard?

Trading as a Locksmith means that a knowledge of security products is essential to be able to provide security recommendations, with often customers asking about their window or door security and how they can improve it.


Trust A Trader

Another UK trusted online trade directory, this scheme provides a guarantee to customers that the service they are choosing and placing trust in is reputable. Many great tradespersons use this scheme to proudly show their achievements and commitments to reputable business operating in the industry and to try and eliminate any rogue traders provide a less than excellent service.

This scheme, like the others, allows for customers to leave reviews for services rendered and provide recommendations to others, all in one space, making it that much simpler for a customer to make the right choice for them when choosing a service.


Check a Trade

Check a Trade is another online directory which allows customers to search for tradesperson which is right for them and will provide them a great service. The main aim of Check a Trade is to connect customers with a tradesperson whilst also acknowledging the qualifications, experience, and service that those within the Check a Trade directory have.

All trades persons that are accepted into Check a Trade complete a rigorous vetting process to ensure that their service is up to scratch and that they provide an excellent service to their customers.


Is joining a scheme recommended?

A membership to a well-known scheme is a great way to gain trust with customers and show the excellent service that you provide. With various vetting programs and standards that customer will be aware of, they already know the standard that they would receive before they pick up the phone. It helps to build a relationship with customers and help your business to get noticed in the industry.


What different lock brands are there?

There are many different lock brands on the market, and with so many choices it can be hard to determine what is the right brand for the job. However, brand is not everything and the important thing to always consider is what are the security aspects of a particular lock type and are they applicable to what your needs are.


Probably the most well-known lock brand among novices and professionals alike, Yale has been around since 1840 providing security solutions to the population. From traditional pin-tumbler locks, to smart home solutions, Yale is truly a brand that caters for every type of security solution and is useful to have within your product portfolio.


Securing the UK since 1838, ERA is another massive brand within the UK market and continues to expand their portfolio of products to enhance home security. Starting with window and door security products and then expanding into smart-home solutions, ERA looks for ways to fill the customers need through innovation and smart security solutions.


Marketed as ‘High quality without the high price’ TSS is another lock brand that is known for its quality products that secure home across the UK. They carry a full range of products available for every door type and every problem you need to find a solution for.


One of the best-known brands in the hardware and locking industry, UNION offers an array of products that are research and developed with the customer in mind.


What brands should I consider carrying?

Best practise would be to carry a wide array of locks, with different security solutions and specs to be prepared for any customer situation that you might face. Although some brands can mean quality it is important to consider the actual specifications of the locks and then tailor your selection to the service that you want to provide to you customer. An important rule to go by is that any new part you install should be the same or greater quality than the old part you will replace.

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