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Official Locksmith Qualification

The Level 3 Locksmith Diploma is currently the only officially recognised Qualification (governed by Ofqual) within the Locksmith Industry!

The Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy is an industry leader in expertise and Locksmith training. Completing your Locksmith Qualification with Keytek® at our state of the art training academy ensures you will gain the highest Locksmith education possible by industry experts. This Locksmith course is the perfect start to your career in the Locksmith industry!

Locksmith Diploma

Official Locksmith Qualification

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ELCAS Funding

We are proud to provide Military leavers with the option to use their ELCAS credits for our Locksmith Qualification!

Our ELCAS provider number is 4682.

ECLAS Funding

ELCAS Funding

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Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy

Founded in 1997, the Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy has grown into one of the most highly regarded Locksmith training centres in the UK, providing access to the highest accredited Locksmith courses and the UK’s first official Locksmith Qualification.

Keytek® Locksmiths are the largest Locksmith community in the UK, with the trainees of our Locksmith courses benefiting from our industry expertise and professionalism. We also offer a unique opportunity to join our nationwide Locksmith network upon successful completion of one of our Locksmith courses, allowing you to begin your Locksmith career instantly once qualified.

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Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy

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Why train at the Keytek® Locksmith Academy?

Offering not only the highest quality Locksmith courses in the UK, our tailored teaching methods offer 1-1 individual learning in our state of the art Locksmith training facilities with our trainees gaining first-hand experience from industry experts. Benefit from continuous support from our dedicated 24/7 technical support team, discounted stock and tooling prices and the possibility to join Keytek® Locksmiths on successful completion of our Locksmith courses. Take a look at our Locksmith courses today!

Train with Keytek®

Working with Keytek®

Upon successful completion of your accredited Locksmith course or Locksmith qualification, you may be offered the chance to subcontract with Keytek® Locksmiths. As a well-established, national company Keytek® Locksmiths strive to set industry standards of excellence, with their community of experience and professional always in high demand. This unique opportunity offers newcomers to the industry the ability to gain vital experience within the Locksmith industry and allows them to start trading as a Locksmith immediately after successful competition of a Locksmith Course. Click the link to find out more about working with Keytek® Locksmiths.

Work with Keytek®

Working with Keytek®

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Locksmith Courses Overview

We have Locksmith courses to suit everyone, whether new to the industry or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your skills. Our official Locksmith Qualification, accredited Locksmith courses and bespoke Locksmith brush up courses are specifically tailored by industry expects to suit all skill levels and needs. Take a look at all of our Locksmith courses on offer here!

Locksmith Courses

Locksmith Courses Overview

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How to choose a Locksmith course

Beginners: Beginners: Those who are completely new to the industry we suggest our official Locksmith qualification course or our 5-day level 4 accredited Locksmith course. Both of these Locksmith courses offer hands-on practice and expert Locksmith training to ensure you are trained to an exceptionally high standard.

Service Leavers: If you are leaving the forces, our official Locksmith qualification is ELCAS approved and you can use your ELCAS credits to fund the course.

Intermediate/Advanced Locksmiths: Should you already be a Locksmith or in a similar profession, our bespoke courses can be individually tailored to suit your educational needs or likewise you can attend our Locksmith Qualification to enhance your skills and gain a qualification.

Accreditation or Qualification

How to choose a Locksmith course

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  • Official Locksmith Qualification available
  • Level 4 accredited courses available
  • NCFE accredited courses available
  • ELCAS approved courses
  • Locksmith Loans available
  • Discounted stock and tools
  • Full stock ordering facilities
  • Your own doors and tools to work on
  • On-going 24 hour Technical support
  • On-going Marketing Support
  • Experienced, expert trainers
  • Opportunity to shadow an industry expert
  • Possibility of sub-contracting for Keytek® Locksmiths
  • Live on-site training
  • uPVC specialist training
  • Bespoke courses available
  • Ongoing training available
  • Lunch and refreshments provided throughout courses

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