Meet the Team

Who Are the Team at Keytek® Locksmith Academy?

The team here at Keytek® are constantly striving to ensure that our Locksmiths meet the most advanced and highest criteria and standards. We have invested in our locksmith training academy and staff to make us one of the leading locksmith training providers in the country. Keytek® locksmith academy offers;

  • State of the Art training facilities.
  • Tailored locksmith training courses for individual requirements.
  • Full Technical back up.
  • ‘On The Job’ expertise.
  • Decades of Industry knowledge

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Every single member of staff at the Keytek® Locksmith Academy are committed to providing the best support and guidance to not only the next generation of locksmiths, but current locksmiths working in the trade. We gather all the experience we have gained over our 30 year history and channel it straight back into to our courses.

Head Locksmith Trainer

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Head of Centre & Internal Verifier

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Locksmith Engineer & Technical Support 

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Academy Support Team

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