May 4, 2022 | Jessica Davies | Blog

Is it Worth Becoming a Locksmith?


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Simply put…YES!! Training to become a Locksmith is a fantastic career to be part of, whether you’re just starting your career, changing careers, leaving the military or even if you are retiring but want to continue working on your own terms. There are many benefits of choosing Locksmithing as your career, read on to find out what those benefits include!

If you’re thinking of becoming a Locksmith, find out what’s useful to know when Becoming a Locksmith.


Work / Life Balance

As a Locksmith you have the freedom to choose the hours you work, something that is a huge appeal to many. Want to have the time to pick the kids up from school? Prefer to work evenings, mornings or weekends, or all three? Need a day or a few hours off? No problem. As a Locksmith you are able to choose your own working hours to fit around your lifestyle, whether you own your own personal business or subcontract through Keytek®.


Job Security

Even as the pandemic comes to a close, it has hit many businesses hard up and down the country. Locksmiths were and are classed as key workers so throughout the UK lockdowns our Locksmiths have been able to continue working to secure customers homes. Here at Keytek® we are continually working to ensure our Locksmiths are earning an income. Once trained to be a Locksmith, you are job secure for life!


Locksmith Salary

Locksmiths on average earn around £30,000 per annum; this number of course varies widely on the number of hours or jobs you choose to work. A number of our Locksmiths work longer than usual hours during the week and take home much more than that a year. However, some of our Locksmiths prefer to work part time to enjoy spending time with their family and friends and may take home a lower income. Your salary depends on you!

Thinking about how to set your rate? Read of our blog explaining how much a Locksmith should Charge!


Career Progression

There is always a need for a Locksmith and so there is always room for a Locksmith to progress in their career. Security products are ever evolving as are ‘smart security products’ so there is always something new to learn and specialise in. Whether that be smart security, auto Locksmithing, safe security etc.

Find out more about career progression and what you can choose to specialise in now.


Locksmith Qualification

Something amazing for the industry happened in 2020. For the first time ever in the UK, Locksmith Qualifications became available! What’s even more exciting is that we are proud to be one of the only Locksmith training providers to offer this course. Take a look at our Locksmith Qualification course here to find out more!

Still deciding on if a Locksmith Qualifications or an Accreditation is best for you? Have a read of our advice page to help you decide!


How to Become a Locksmith

So, Locksmithing sounds like the perfect career right? Check out our How to Become a Locksmith page here, where we hope we can answer some of your questions!


Why train with Keytek® Academy?

Choosing the correct Locksmith Training Facility for you is an important decision, take a look at our page Why Train with Keytek® to see why we might just be the best training facility for you! P.S. it includes 1 to 1 training, your own door and tools, 24/7 technical support and an interest-free loan!


Locksmith Career for Armed Forces Leavers

For those who leave the armed forces, figuring out what to do next can be a daunting task. This is why the an initiative to promote continuous learning is offered to those who qualify; Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS).

Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy is an ELC approved centre. Our ElCAS provider number is 4682!

Our approved ELCAS Locksmith course is the Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Commercial Locksmiths and Property Security.


Train with Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy

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