Locksmith Courses

At the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy we offer a wide range of Locksmith courses to suit everyone; whether you’re a newcomer to the Locksmith industry or if you just need to refine your skills.

Our state of the art Locksmith facility is led by industry experts who value one to one teaching methods to ensure you start your Locksmith career on the best foot possible.

We are proud that our Level 3 Locksmith Qualification with Highfield is the first of its kind in the UK! This is the highest qualification you can achieve in the Locksmithing industry. We are also able to offer the highest Locksmith accreditation that includes our NCFE Level 4, 5 and 8 day Locksmith courses.



Keytek® Locksmith Academy

Our Locksmith students benefit from numerous advantages by training at our state of the art facility led by industry experts here at the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy! Including the following:

  • Tailored courses to suit each students needs
  • Each student trains on actual doors for realistic representation
  • All training completed in our state of the art facility
  • Full toolkit and parts supplied to each student on each course
  • 24 hour on-site Technical Telephone Support after completing the course should you get stuck on a job
  • Engineer Liaison Support team
  • Maximum of 5 students per course to allow one to one training (3 students currently due to covid-19)
  • Step by step progression throughout the course
  • Vehicle tooling and stock recommendations for easy transition into the trade
  • Stock and tools at discounted prices available on each course
  • Full stock ordering process, taking the stress out for your first few months
  • Massive trade discounts on all stock and tooling
  • Possibility to sub-contract with Keytek® offered after completing the course

keytek locksmiths academy

Locksmith Certification

Upon successful completion of one of our courses you will be awarded with a Locksmith certification. You will receive one of the following depending on what course you complete:

  • Level 3 Locksmith Qualification certificate – the first of its kind in the industry and the highest achievable Locksmith Qualification
  • Level 4 Locksmith Accreditation certificate
  • Successful completion of ‘…’ course certificate

keytek locksmith certification

Keytek® Locksmith Course Costs and Duration

Our courses range from 2 days all the way up to a couple of months in total and the price is reflected in course duration and qualification. Take a look at the individual Locksmith courses pages to view costing.

Locksmith Loans

We are proud to offer you 0% APR loans so you can pay off your Locksmith course in smaller monthly repayments without the unnecessary interest rates.  Find out more about our Locksmith loans through Duologi here!

Keytek® Locksmith Subcontracting

Upon successful completion of one of our Locksmith courses you may be offered the opportunity to subcontract with Keytek®. This is extremely useful in the first few months/years of your Locksmith journey as it enables you to start working almost instantly. You can also continue subcontracting with Keytek® even if you have your own company or subcontracting business. Find out more on our Locksmith Subcontracting page here!