Lock Brands

Different Lock Brands

When you are starting off in the Locksmith industry it will be hard to know what brand of locks are out there and which is the best one to work with. We have put together a quick guide to the main lock brands.



Chances are, you’ve heard of Yale, it’s the most popular and well-known brand of locks in the world. Its not surprising that they are so well known, they designed the first pin-tumbler lock in 1861 and are oldest international lock brand. Yale have remained relevant over the years by developing and incorporating new technologies into their products, such as smart door locks.

Yale have also maintained their reputation by providing good quality products and providing security solutions with excellent functionality.  You can’t go wrong with a Yale lock, they are not the cheapest on the market, but you are paying for quality and longevity. You don’t want to install a cheaper lock, only to be called back to the customer 2 months after you fitted the lock, to find its broken. Keytek® believe Yale are one of the best lock manufactures out there, which is why we have them in our stock and tool kits.



Abloy has a large product range including electric locking, padlocks, door cylinders and door openers. Similar to Yale they invented a type of lock the detainer disc cylinder that went on sale in 1909 and they are still one of the most reputable high security lock companies in the world. The Abloy Protec system has a unique rotating disk-based system that is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant, which is a huge selling point. They are self cleaning, which is also a neat feature, if any dirt or grime gets into the lock, it will easily fall out when the key is inserted and removed.  They also tend to have a one-day shipping time from when the order is placed, so you should receive any orders quickly.



BiLock is another high security brand that has its own unique locking system. They call theirs a Quick-Change Core or (QCC). It features a unique U-shaped key that utilizes a pin and sidebar system that makes BiLock locks very pick resistant and bump proof. The QCC system means that the core can be removed and a new one replaced instantly. It’s very popular with casinos and businesses, so it’s worth considering using it for your customers.



ERA have been around for over 175 years and have always strived to be up to date with the latest methods of security. They have adapted over the years to meet the needs of their customers and to stay relevant, so you can trust that you are getting the most up to date kit with them. ERA are the only lock manufactures that are endorsed by Neighbourhood Watch.

What Keytek® likes about ERA is that they offer a Total Security Guarantee, which means If your customer experiences a break in for which an ERA component failed, they will receive; full replacement of the damaged window and/or door and £5,000 cheque as compensation. As a Locksmith, this should give you piece of mind, that you will not be in the firing line if a break in occurs. This is why we use ERA locks in our stock and tool kits.



TSS believes that quality locks shouldn’t cost a fortune, they pride themselves on providing high-quality locks that are affordable. They provide products for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, all while maintaining a low price. They offer especially good trade prices, so as a Locksmith they are a good place to start to get some stock, if budget is an issue. Keytek® believe that TSS provide good quality products, which is why we have them in our stock and tool packages.


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