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All the answers to the most FAQ’s about Locksmith Training

How can I become a Locksmith?

Do not let anyone tell you that becoming a locksmith is a 3 day turnaround. As with any trade it takes time and effort to gain experience. Taking a ‘quality’ locksmith training course is the first step and foundation to becoming a fully fledged locksmith; experience and further training will help you achieve your end goal. Having the back-up and technical support of us after your training will vastly improve your skill set and confidence.

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What makes your Locksmith course different from all the others?

Our courses do not pretend to offer what they cannot deliver. We do not offer courses under the pretence that after 3 days you will become a fully fledged locksmith and start earning thousands of pounds a week, this is simply not true. We understand that our trade is learnt through experience as well as quality training and support. By ensuring our candidates are trained to the Keytek® standard, we can guarantee every locksmith leaving our facility will help to raise the standard of Locksmiths across the UK.

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Will I need to bring any equipment with me to the course?

No! All locks will be provided for you during the course. Once you have ascertained what your requirements are, you will have the opportunity to purchase any specialised tooling at a discounted price once you have completed your chosen locksmith course.

What about course notes?

All course notes and stationary will be provided for you on the course. You will be able to take these away with you to study further and use as a refresher and for reference purposes.

How many candidates will be on each course?

Our Locksmith Training Academy comfortably facilitates for up to five candidates per course, each having their own work bench, vice and personal door to work on. Keeping the numbers limited to six allows us to offer the optimum attention and focus from our experienced trainers per candidate.

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What type of person would attend your Locksmith course?

Anyone is welcome on a course with Keytek®, however we would expect the majority of candidates to want to either further their current skill sets for benefit within their employment or be looking to set out as a locksmith from scratch. Either way our courses cater for all needs.

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Are there many female Locksmiths?

More and more tradeswomen are choosing locksmithing as a career. We have female engineers who work for us and we find that customers find this a refreshing change to the stereotypical ‘locksmith’.

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