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Locksmith Courses for Service Leavers


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Training to become a Locksmith after leaving the forces is a great career to transition into as there are many great benefits in this industry. The benefits of working as a Locksmith include working for yourself, choosing your own hours so you can spend more time with loved ones and the knowledge of job security are a few examples.

So what are the best Locksmith courses for you? Here at the Keytek® Academy we offer a really great course that would suit a service leaver and some great funding options to help you achieve your new profession!


Official Locksmith Qualification

We are proud to offer our service leavers an official Locksmith qualification here at Keytek®. This Locksmith qualification was released in mid 2020 and is the first of its kind, before now the highest qualification a Locksmith in the whole of the UK could achieve was a level 4 accreditation and we are proud to be one of the first training centers to be able to provide it.

Choosing this course will provide you with the highest possible certification ensuring you are ready to face whatever may come your way in the field. Discover the course breakdown, further benefits of enrolling onto this course as well as the course costs here!


Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy is an ELCAS approved centre so you are able to use your Enhanced Learning Credits towards your Locksmith course. As well as your ELCAS credits you can also use your IRTC in conjunction with your ELC to pay for your course. Find out more about these funding options here!

If you choose not to use your ELCAS credits or IRTC we also offer a 0% APR loan to help you cover the costs of your course. Find out more about our Locksmith 0% APR loan here!


ELCAS approved

As we mentioned above, Keytek® Academy is ELCAS approved. Our provider number is 4682. Find Keytek® on the ELCAS website here!


Keytek® Academy

Take a look around our website to find more information, answer any questions and discover why you should train with Keytek® Locksmiths!