September 24, 2021 | HFerris | Blog

How Much Should a Locksmith Charge?


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The cost of Locksmith services can change depending on a number of factors, such as time of day, the type of service and the parts needed. This can not only be confusing for customers but for also newcomers to the industry who are unsure of what to charge. But not to worry, our blog takes you through everything you need to consider when pricing Locksmith services!


Labour Rates

Usually, a Locksmith will charge for their labour which is pretty standard across any industry. This is usually a set fee for a specific period of time, like for the hour or any part of. The labour fee will have an impact on the overall cost of the job as some jobs can take longer than others.


Date and Time

The date and time of when someone calls out a Locksmith will impact the cost. Normal working hours are usually somewhere between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, so anything outside of this will usually come with a higher price. For example, Locksmith services will cost more that 11pm than 11am.

Likewise, working on weekends and Bank Holiday will also see a higher rate as they are also considered out of hours.


Type of Service

No two Locksmith jobs are the same, sometimes it’s a simple lock change, sometimes it’s boarding up multiple windows. The type of service is important when considering Locksmith costs as some jobs will take longer than others which will usually mean that the labour rate is higher as your paying for a longer time period. For example, the overall labour rate will be higher for a job that takes 2 hours than a job that take 1.


Parts Required for the Job

Just like how long the job will take will affect the overall Locksmith charge, so will the parts needed. If more parts are needed or more expensive parts are required it will increase the cost of a Locksmith service. For example, a simple lock change on a uPVC door will often cost less than if the entire locking mechanism needs to be changed.

Likewise, although most Locksmiths do come out with a fully stocked van (and we always suggest to new Locksmiths that they do) it is impossible to carry every possible part. This can mean that if a part required for a job is not on board, if it’s more unique or specialist, it might need to be ordered in which will mean that the Locksmith charge will be higher.

For further guidance on Locksmith pricing, consider looking at Keytek’s Locksmith Prices page, where they explain everything you’ll ever need to know about Locksmith charges.


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