1 Day uPVC Course

1 Day uPVC Course

The Keytek® One Day ‘uPVC Course’ is aimed at professionals who have experience as a locksmith on wooden doors but who have very little or no experience in uPVC. This course is also ideal for those already active in the industry looking to gain an insight into the latest locks, standards, tools and opening techniques on uPVC.

locksmiths working on upvc doors

Course Breakdown

During the course of the day, students are tutored and assessed on Locksmith techniques covering the identification, operation, opening techniques and replacement of the most common lock types on uPVC doors:

Included in the One Day Course:

Locking Systems

  • Operation, application, benefits and pitfalls of cylinders
  • uPVC Mechanism specification, operation and application
  • Security features
  • Upgrading and retrofitting

Entry methods

  • Both Non-destructive and professional destructive techniques
  • Lock Bypass techniques
  • Discontinued locks and Identifying Solutions

Industry Standards

  • PAS 24
  • British Standards
  • TS:007

This course will also cover

  • Additional Security Products
  • Ordering from catalogues

To find out why Keytek® are uPVC Specialists visit the Keytek® uPVC webpage.

Course Cost


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