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The 5 Top Security Cameras for Your Home


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Hive View Outdoor

Home security is becoming increasingly more important to us and the evolution of technology has definitely helped with making our home more secure. One popular way that we are securing our homes is through the use of security cameras – these can be set up either indoor or outdoor and can record everything that goes on around your home, and can notify you of any movement straight to your phone with most models.


What is a wireless security camera?

Wireless security refers to technology that transmits a video or sound to a receiver via either radio or Wi-Fi. Wireless cameras can be powered through batteries and/or a direct power cable as the “wireless” part refers to the transmitting of video or sound.


Are there any laws around installing cameras around my home?

Installing cameras on private property is within your rights as the occupant to do so, but there are a few things that you must consider in situations to ensure that you adhere to privacy regulations.

If your CCTV captures images outside of your private property; for example your neighbours’ homes or gardens, public areas or shared spaces then you need to follow GDPR and DPA regulations.  For external cameras, if you are encroaching on other people’s privacy you need to make them aware so that they can give their consent; for example if your camera records their driveway as well as your own they will need to consent to this.

For guidance of the use of domestic CCTV, head over to GOV.UK for more information.

Hive View Outdoor

Hive View Outdoor £179

• Well designed
• Sturdy
• Seamless Integration with the Hive family
• Excellent 1080p HD Camera Quality
• IP66 resistance rating
• Can operate in temperatures -20oC to 45oC
• Two-way Audio
• Needs to be plugged in
• Monthly subscription needed for extended video storage.

A great addition to the Hive Home family, the Hive View Outdoor is a smart and sleek camera that offers some impressive security features that allow it to connect effectively with the rest of the Hive ecosystem to give a complete security system that not only secures your home but provides some handy streamlined product effectiveness. With 130o wide angle lens, 1080p HD resolution, 8x digital zoom and night vision up to 15ft there is sure to be no corner left untouched by this cameras gaze.

Controlled solely by the Hive Home app, this camera holds 24 hours of rolling video history which if you would like further storage then a subscription will need to be purchased for a small monthly fee.

Stick Up Ring Camera

Stick Up Ring Camera £179

• 1080HD Video
• Two way Talk
• Motion-Activated Notifications
• Versatile Mounting Options
• Pairs with Amazon Alexa
• Can be used indoor or outdoor
• Controlled by the Ring App
• Night Vision
• Available in two colours
• Can be used as a baby monitor

• Motion Detection at Night is reported to be less effective
• Need to pay small fee for storage
• Complicated to set up without professional installation

This camera has some seriously impressive technology behind it; two-way talk, 1080p HD video with 115o field of view, remotely activated siren and adjustable motion detection.  This means that this camera can cover all the different areas you might want for security, and could also double as a baby monitor! All of the Ring devices are designed to connect to the Ring app for you to be able to control everything from one dashboard and to make things super easy can also connect to Amazon Alexa and Fire TV for the ultimate ease in security control. One of the downsides to this camera however is the need for a monthly subscription so that you can save, review and share the videos captured by your ring camera.

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Nest Camera Outdoor

Nest Camera Outdoor Security £152.99

• 1080p HD Video
• Activity alerts
• 24/7 recording
• Programmable activity zones with subscription
• 1300 wide-angle view with 8x zoom
• Talk and Listen
• Night vision with 8 infrared LED
• Controlled through the Nest App
• Works with Amazon Alexa
• Easy Installation with magnetic mount
• 30 minute cooling off period
• Need a subscription to hold video longer than 24 hours

Similar to the Ring camera this camera has pretty much every feature out there, with the added option of adding activity zones so that you can keep an eye on the zones you want highlighted. This impressive camera has an outstanding 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with many people singing its praises – however one issue that seems to be prominent is the debate of the 30 minute cooling off period. Although this system has been introduced to avoid false alerts, the camera comes equipped with the programming that if two successive activities are noted by the camera within 30 minutes of each other then you will not be notified of the second alert. If you have a Nest Aware subscription you will find that the duration will record so it is not an issue but there have been reports of people with no subscription not being able to configure this 30 minute period.

To use most of the features on this camera you will need to sign up to the Google Nest Aware subscription; which starts from just £4 a month for the basic 5-day video history package and then upwards to £24 a month for the advanced 30-day video history package.

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Reolink Keen Security Camera £66.99

• 100% Wireless
• Two-way audio
• PIR motion sensor
• Pan and Tilt function
• Free use of the Reolink App
• Alerts to your phone and emails
• To enable clear night vision; blue light must be on.
• No ICloud storage in UK as of yet.

As the budget pick in our top 5, this little camera has a lot of features!  Boasting 355o horizontal and 105o vertical movement this camera will easily be able to capture everything in whatever room you place it whilst also capturing every moment in full 1080p HD! Another handy feature of this camera is that you can mount it to both the wall or sit it on a surface making for a very versatile piece of kit. A good thing about this camera is that you don’t need a subscription to store video; although they do offer a subscription to the Reolink Cloud where you can store video (which isn’t available in the UK as of yet) you can store the video on a SD card that slots into the back of the camera. The use of the app also allows for easy remote control and video access.

One issue that does seem to be reported is that for clear night vision a blue light must be enabled, which some reviews on Amazon are saying are quite bright making it useless as a baby monitor.

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Canary Pro

Canary Pro £233

• 1080p HD Video
• 147o wide angle lens
• Night vision
• 90+ dB siren
• Climate monitor
• Adjusts to individual user habits
• Compatible with Alexa and Google
• Connects with emergency services
• Subscription required for full use of all features
• Mobile app has reported functionality issues

This camera has a feature that is not often seen on too many other security cameras, which is climate monitoring. This feature allows the Canary to track the air pressure, humidity, and temperature in your home notifying you if someone has left a tap on or the fire hasn’t gone out completely. Unfortunately, when considering the price of this camera, to unlock all of the features, such as two-way audio and video download you must purchase the Canary Premium Service Plan. It is unfortunate as this is a great camera but some of the most common free features shared between different security camera models and brands are not accessible on the Canary without a subscription.

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