December 29, 2021 | Haidy Elsawaf | Blog

Is Christmas a Busy Time for Locksmiths?


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is Christmas a busy month for locksmiths?

Christmas and the New Year can be a busy time of the year for many Locksmiths, as just like the rest of the year, people unfortunately lose their keys, get locked out and a broken lock doesn’t realise that Santa is on his way! Alongside the everyday needs for a Locksmith, burglaries are thought to be higher around Christmas due to the knowledge of potentially expensive gifts sitting under the tree, so the need for emergency burglar repair tends to rise.

With all the different factors to consider, this blog takes you through the demand for Locksmiths over Christmas so that you can try and plan your operating hours around your festivities!


1.    Everyday Locksmith Services

Like we mentioned above, people still generally need Locksmiths over the festive period as locks will continue to stop working, jam or even break! Whilst you may see a reduce number of people calling in for security updates, with people moving around you’ll find that people still unfortunately tend to get locked out.

Much like any other weekend or evening, the festive period still carries the demand for everyday Locksmith services both emergency and not, so if you are considering working around this period then make sure you have the stock and the tools on hand to provide all your regular services!


2.    Burglaries

According to the National Crime Victimisation Survey (NCVS), robberies increase by roughly 20% around this time of year, which is no surprise when you consider the amount of people moving around and leaving homes unoccupied for lengths of time. Working as a Locksmith during this period, you might find a slight rise in demand for emergency burglary repair, boarding up and securing homes.

burglary during christmas

Burglaries are never a pleasant experience but what can be worse is not being able to find someone to help secure the home again. As a Locksmith over the festive period, you might want to consider what your emergency response is to emergency like this and if you are prepared to be able to help out potential customers.


3.    Festive Frustration

We all let go a little at Christmas and New Year, so it’s no surprise that lock outs and lost keys are a common occurrence on these dates. With the ever changing restrictions in mind, if you are thinking of working on New Years Eve be prepared to be working into the early hours of the morning catering to those who might have let loose a little bit too much and misplaced their keys!


4.    Boosting Security for the New Year

You might find an increased interest from your customers to help upgrade their security, whether it’s new high speck locks or security cameras as some will look to upgrade their security for the new year. If you are planning on working over New Year it might be worth stocking up on locks and extra security hardware.


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