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Locksmith Specialities: A Locksmiths Career


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Did you know there is more to a Locksmith’s role than just changing locks and cutting keys? A Locksmith’s day to day job is varied and so is a Locksmiths career as there are a whole host of different Locksmith specialist training that can be undertook. Take a look at our blog below to find out the different jobs a Locksmith may encounter and the areas in which a Locksmith can specialise in to further progress their career, no two days are the same making this a great career to enter if you enjoy diversity!


Auto Locksmiths

An auto Locksmith is a Locksmith who has had specialist training in dealing with cars. A regular Locksmith may be able to do some things when it comes to cars such as gaining entry on some makes and models if the keys are locked in the inside but an auto Locksmith can do much more. For example an auto Locksmith is able to replace and create new car keys and reprogram keys unlike a Locksmith without this additional training. To become an auto Locksmith, a trained Locksmith will need to take an additional short course to gain these extra skills.

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Key Cutting

Key cutting is a specialist skill as there are tens of thousands of keys out in the world and a key cannot always be cut from an existing key as it may be damaged. A key cutting specialist will be trained to cut keys by hand or by using a specialist key cutting machine and even create a new key without the original should it have been lost. A key cutting Locksmith will need short additional training and may need to purchase extra tools such as a key cutting machine to keep on their van.


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Safe Specialist Locksmith

Much like an auto Locksmith a safe specialist will have had to have taken additional Locksmith training in order to complete work on almost any safe. A safe specialist will be able to open a range of safes including digital safes unlike a Locksmith without this training who may only be able to open a small, standard safe with the risk of rendering the safe unusable after the work is completed.


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Security Consultant

Moving slightly further afield from locks, is the opportunity for a Locksmith to become a security consultant. A security consultant is able to assess security risks and threats in numerous locations such as the industrial and commercial sector and will work in unison with the client to make an informed decision on how best to secure their property.


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Access Control

The world of access control is all to do with electronic security systems including electronic doors, gates, biometrics etc. Training to become a security expert in access control will take further training but the skills a Locksmith already holds is extremely beneficial to an access control specialist.


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