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Working as a Commercial Locksmith


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Commercial Locksmith Working on a large wooden door

A Locksmith can work either commercially or domestically and will use similar skills in both areas. Most Locksmiths will offer services in both areas as domestic customers are often one-time customers or sporadic repeat customers, whereas commercial contracts can offer a steady amount of regular work depending on the commercial business. To find out more as to why you should consider working as a commercial Locksmith read below!


What are Commercial Locksmiths?

Commercial Locksmiths are highly trained and experienced, they offer services to professional organisations to improve the physical security of a property and offer lock solutions that improve efficiency.


What does a Commercial Locksmiths do?

Alongside routine maintenance and security upgrades, commercial Locksmiths offer a wide range of services that can improve the efficiency of the business and ensure that any investments are protected.


Installing New Locks

Whether a new or existing business, ensuring that a property is properly secured is essential and installing new locks is the bread and butter of all Locksmith services and is straight forward for both domestic and commercial customers. However, when working with a commercial customer they may have certain business insurance terms and conditions that need to be met, so a locks security specification needs to be higher than one that may be supplied for a domestic customer.


Repair and Maintenance

Every door and window are subject to daily wear and tear which can cause them to become misaligned and place pressure on the locking system. In a commercial property the daily wear and tear can be significantly higher, so door and window maintenance are essential to property security. A commercial Locksmith is often employed to ensure that all the doors and windows on a property are properly aligned to ensure that the locking system is working efficiently and that a property is secured.


Lockout Response

Lockouts are common and can happen for various reasons. For commercial customers it is essential that lockouts are responded to as quickly as possible so that they can continue with their business services. As a commercial Locksmith you must be prepared to attend a lockout swiftly.


Master Suite Systems

Master systems allow for customised keys to give designated key holders access to specific parts of a building, with a master key that will open every door within the system. This is an efficient security control system which reduces the number of keys that need to be allocated to specified people and allows for the security of different areas to be maintained.


Provide Personalised Security Solutions

Businesses will often want to know what they can do to further enhance the security of their property; therefore, they often will ask a commercial Locksmith to provide them with a site security check where the Locksmith can use their experience to identify any weak points in security and offer tailored and unique security solutions.


Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Commercial Lockout Services
  • Door and Window Security
  • Key Duplication
  • Master Key Systems
  • Security Lock Fitting and Upgrades
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Shutter Repairs and Opening
  • Mechanical and Digital Locks
  • Cabinet, Locker and Furniture Lock Maintenance.


What is the Difference Between Commercial Locksmiths and Domestic Locksmiths?

The skills that are required for domestic Locksmiths are like that of commercial Locksmiths however commercial Locksmiths tend to have a higher level of security knowledge as commercial spaces have more complex security systems than domestic properties. Domestic customers are often one-time customers whereas commercial customers will often create lasting contracts with Locksmiths that offer regular work.


What do I need to be a Commercial Locksmith?

The basic skills needed to be a domestic Locksmith are essential if you are looking to move into the commercial market, however it is good customer service and experience that is needed to offer commercial services.


Good Customer Service

Although the quality of service is always the most important thing, good customer service is essential in building customer relations as it is the foundation to customer trust. With trust, a customer will have more faith in services and is more likely to be a repeat customer and open a business account.


Knowledge and Experience

Being a successful Locksmith is all about experience, the more experience you gain the better Locksmith you will be, and experience is essential in providing commercial services. We always recommend that if you are looking to become a commercial Locksmith that you have formal Locksmith training, and some training centres offer Brush Up Courses to help Locksmiths to refine their skills even further.