October 27, 2020 | Jessica Davies | Blog

Top 5 Tips on Attracting Customers for Locksmiths


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Along with the rest of the country, work for Locksmiths has slowed due to the current pandemic. This is why it is more important than ever to do everything you can to attract old and new customers alike to keep your schedule busy. Take a look at our blog below on the 5 top things you can do to attract new customers to your business.


1.     Social Media

Almost everyone you know will have a social media account of some sort. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. These are the main social media competitors out there right now and the best thing about them is that they’re all free and easily accessible via their Smartphone…which they carry around with them all day every day.

As a business owner it is vital that you are taking advantage of social media to help promote your business. For example, Facebook is a fantastic way to get your business known to many in your local area through sharing your page and become a trusted business person through the reviews your customers will leave. For more information on how to set up Facebook for your Locksmith business check out our Facebook for Locksmiths blog here!

Twitter is great for sharing your thoughts and pictures of your Locksmith work as well as ‘re-tweeting’ any reviews you recieve. We’d say that Twitter is less effective than Facebook as less people are seeking a Locksmith on Twitter than but should definitely be within your radar and remember to keep it upbeat and professional. Like Twitter, Instagram is less effective than Facebook for attracting new customers but it is a great way to boost your overall brand of your company which will build trust within your customers. Instagram is mostly a photo sharing platform so it is great to show off your handy work on there.

Snapchat and TikTok are newer to the social media buzz and are mainly video sharing platforms used more significantly used by younger generations. Unless you would like to or are a social media whizz we suggest you don’t need to spend much time or any at all setting these accounts up currently.


2.     Website

Having a website makes a world of difference to your business as it boosts your credibility as a legitimate company. Credibility is a must for Locksmiths as not only are customers giving out the personal details to their home, they’re letting you know its vulnerable and will provide you with full access to their home.

Your website must include your business name, logo, telephone number and email address so that your customers can contact you. To help validate your legitimacy you should add a little about section which includes information about yourself, any qualifications you have and a little bit about the business itself such as how long it has been running. Also, it is wise to have logos of any affiliated companies you are part of such as Which? Trusted Trader and the NGCL. Furthermore, to help attract more customers to your website which will in turn attract more paying customers is to frequently update it with news and helpful blogs, such as this one.


3.     Previous Customers

To help attract new customers contact your previous customers. Ask them to write a review for you on your social media platforms or on sites such as Trustpilot and Google. In turn, you could offer themselves or their friends they share it with a 10% discount for example when they call you out next or a competition to win a voucher for example.


4.     Advertising

Your business brand and advertising need to blend seamlessly together. If you have multiple logos customers will get confused and your business will look less legitimate. When advertising keep your company branding consistent (if your brand logo needs updating, you should do so but keep it similar such as the colours or imagery you use). You can advertise for free on Facebook but you can also pay for advertising on Facebook, Google, local directories etc.

Another way to advertise your business is to decorate your van with a van sticker than clearly shows your company name, that you’re a Locksmith and your contact details. You never know someone might spot it when you’re driving around or parked at a customer’s house and give you a call to fix their locks.


5.     Reviews

We’ve mentioned it many times throughout this blog but it is important that you ask your customers for a review once you have completed work on their property. Nowadays most people shop around when looking for a Locksmith and the reviews can strongly influence their decision on which company they choose. Reviews enhance your company’s credibility and builds trust within the customer before they have even called you for a quote.

To get more reviews, send a text reminder to your customers and offer them something in return, which will make it more appealing for them to take the time to review your services. Offers could include a discount, the opportunity to win vouchers, a free home quote etc.



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