April 8, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

The Benefits of Subcontracting


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After you complete your training at the Keytek® Locksmith Academy then you are ready to start your new locksmith career. You may be at a loss as to how you start your new venture and make your business successful, this is where subcontracting with Keytek®, or another national locksmith company may be of benefit to you.


We will contact you with jobs

All you need to do is let us know what days and hours you want to work and in what area. When I job that meets your criteria is called in, you will be contacted and given the option to take the job. As a locksmith new to the industry, you may struggle to find work by yourself at first, subcontracting give you the best of starts into generating some income


We do all the advertising for you

Keytek® have an experienced and expert team of marketing professionals who spend their days generating and promoting the locksmiths that sub-contract with Keytek®. We have access to the funds and resources to advertise on a national scale. This means you don’t have to waste your time and money marketing yourself. If you are not an expert in Google trends, Facebook advertising or placing an advert in the phone book, then you may want to rely on the experts to generate wok for you.


You can continue working for yourself

If you do want to start your own business independently then you are free to do so. You can subcontract with us to make up any shortfall from your private work.


We offer 24/7 support

Whether you have 20 years’ experience or have only just started, you may find yourself at a job that has you stumped. This is where Keytek® can offer you support 24/7 over the phone, our technical experts are always ready to offer you any advice or assistance when needed. If you are new to the industry, this safety net may give you the confidence to accept more jobs, meaning you will earn more and gain experience quickly.


Discounted stock and tooling

By sub-contracting with keytek® you will have access to offers and discounts on all your stock and tools. This means you can always be fully stocked up and prepared for any job that you need to attend.


Opportunities for Further Education

Spurred on by the effects of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Keytek® have given our locksmiths the chance to learn new skills and advance their careers with E-learning courses. These course can provide you with advanced knowledge on Safety at work, communication with customers, customer service and much more.


Get in contact

So, if you feel that subcontracting would be a good option for you, then get in touch with Keytek® and we can get your career started in the best way! To find out more about Keyek then take a look at the website.