November 18, 2020 | KimElliott | Blog

How to Market your Locksmith Business


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When starting your own locksmith business, the most important thing you need is customers. To be able to attract customers you need to market yourself correctly, these days marketing takes place mostly online; however there are people that still use offline advertising. We will go through the different ways to market your business online and offline successfully.


How to get a website

Don’t panic if you’re not technically minded, there are some great websites out there, such as Godaddy, to make it simple and help you set up your own website. It’s important that you have a website for your locksmith business, as around 60% of people find locksmiths online. Having a website for your business does give you a level of professionalism and may give potential customers the reassurance to book you.

It’s important to give customers as many chances as possible to find your business. Your website doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy. A simple website with your contact details, information about you and contact form is all you need. It will cost you some money to have your own website, but it shouldn’t break the bank, you could expect the cost to start around £75 per year and upwards.

It would obviously be better to have a bespoke website built for your business, so if you have a marketing budget set aside it would be a good idea to allocate some to this. However as mentioned, having any kind of online presence is essential in today’s market.


How to market my business on Facebook


Over the past few years, Facebook has become a massive platform for you to market yourself on. If you don’t already have Facebook, then you will need to create an account, it’s not complicated, you just need an email address.

Once you are signed up you can create a ‘business’ page. On this page you can add all your information; areas you work in, you contact details, website address and much more. Facebook is the perfect place to get your locksmith business name known in your local area. For a small fee you can choose who you would like to see your page for example; people that live in a certain area, people who have just moved to your area and landlords. A survey found that people look at Facebook over 25 times a week, that that is a lot of chances for them to see your business. In locksmithing, brand awareness is especially important; you want people to think of you when they need a locksmith. To put it simply, if someone looks at Facebook 3 times a day, every day for 2 weeks and sees your Facebook page every time, they might not need a locksmith right then. BUT if they need a locksmith 2 weeks later, hopefully your name will be in their mind and you get a job.


Show off your credentials

As a locksmith business you might want to look in to being part of a ‘trusted advertiser’ for example; Trustatrader, Local Heroes or the NGCL. Once you are a member of these, not only can you be found on their directories, you can use their badges on your own website, social media pages or even on your locksmith van. This shows customers that you have been vetted and are trustworthy meaning they could be more likely to book you.


Offline marketing

As much as the online marketing is important, you mustn’t forget to advertise in places like local directories or the BT phone books. The Phone Book is in 21 million homes and businesses, so is a great source of advertising for you, prices start at £109, but you will have to speak to BT to find a more specific price. Many people, such and the older generation, do still rely on the phonebook to find services, so it might be worth the money to have an advert. You don’t want to alienate 40% of your customer base.


It’s simple, the more you advertise the more work you are going to get and sometimes you have to spend money to make money. As a new business, funds might be scarce, but it is so worth investing in some form of advertising, whether it be online or offline. If you think you are really going to struggle with marketing yourself, it may want to join a national company such as Keytek®, who employ expert marketing experts who can take care of all that stuff for you. To get more information about joining Keytek® click here. For more general locksmithing advice click here.