Stock and Tool Packages

To get your new career as a locksmith started, you need more than your Accreditation, you’ll need stock and tools. Here at Keytek® Academy we offer Stock and Tooling Packages to help get you on your way. If you don’t have the funds initially, don’t worry these can be purchased using a Locksmith Loan that we offer through Employee Loans.

The Tool Kit below is recommended along with a Stock Package of your choice. The Stock Packages range in price, the most basic includes your standard stock, while the most expensive offers you high security options as well as a bigger range of stock. You are also able to tailor you stock and tool orders to your specific needs. The trainer who takes your course, or the technical expert you speak to will talk you through all the tooling package options, and you can decide which one is best for you.

Stock and Tool Packages Available;

The recommended tool kit consists of all the  tools you need to begin a career as an effective locksmith, this includes tools you use on the course as well as other highly recommended ones. Each tool has been selected to provide the best methods of non-destructive entry and lock picking. This is the perfect starter kit, and along the way you will pick up other tools you may feel you need.


Recommended Tooling Package Download 


Our Silver package is the lower cost option. It allows you to start your career as a locksmith, without having to part with a large sum of money.  It includes a wide variety of Euro Cylinders, Mortice Deadlocks and Sashlocks, as well as some additional home security locks. With the Silver Package you can offer your customers, basic, good quality security products.


Silver Stock Package Download


The Gold Package is the one for you if you want to start your locksmith career with a fully stocked van. The Gold Package includes everything that comes in the silver package, but also includes a larger range of Euro Cylinders. We have carefully selected a range of gearboxes and uPVC handles, that you will use regularly. The Gold Package will allow you to offer your customers a larger selection and a higher specification of security.


Gold Stock Package Download


Our British Standard Package is a mixture of both the Silver and Gold Package. It provides a smaller range of the general locks that you will use every day; Mortice Deadlocks, Mortice Sashlocks and Euro Cylinders. While also including additional home security products, however what makes the British Standard package stand out is the fact it includes a wide range of 1 Star British Standard Cylinders. These are higher security locks that will appeal to customers who are more security conscious and are looking to be extra secure.


British Standard Package Download


The Avocet ABS package includes some of the highest security euro cylinders in the industry, these are perfect for customers who want the best standard of lock for their UPVC doors as these locks include features such as anti-snap and anti-drill. This package is the perfect add on to any of the others packages for high security locks. For more information on Avocet ABS, click here. 


ABS Stock Package Download


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