Please see below a list of additional testimonials we have been fortunate enough to receive from some of our students who have taken part in our previous locksmith courses.


Michael Harris

Professional in approach to training methods, made very welcome and at ease. I enjoyed all aspects of training and came home very happy with the outcome, receiving certification of completion 5 day course.

 Robert Gundu

I have been trading as a locksmith in the Swansea area for over ten years, the skills, the know how, the knowledge, the training I got from the locksmith training course has been really vast.

Craig & Tom, you are doing a sterling good job.

Robert McCallum

It is a good introduction to the locksmithing world, professional, diligent, open & honest.

Neil Snape

The KeytekTM Team are both professional and welcoming, the course has been designed for an enjoyable and educational course. The course has given me the knowledge and opportunity to start my own business and be successful.

Anthony Bond

My first impression is that Keytek™ is a very professional company, the course details where concise and condensed in a way that ensures everything is covered. I would recommend the course because of the high quality of training and wide knowledge of the instructors.

Alex Hawksworth

Professional company, I enjoyed the lock picking section of the course most of all. The test on Friday was hard going but very rewarding. You can go from having no DIY experience to a good standard of chiselling and finish.

Carl Walker

Keytek™ are professional, organised and provide a relaxed learning environment, from start to finish you are treated like an adult. Guided through all aspects of the training and given the opportunity to ask relevant questions, both Instructors were exceptional throughout.

John Kelly

A genuine, helpful and very professional company, the best section was the wooden door fitting and picking… Very good. It was a lot more physical than expected and at times intense however both Instructors were more than willing to go above and beyond their responsibilities; I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to start a new career or to someone who perhaps deals with property.

Samantha Woodford

A friendly, polite and helpful team and the Instructors are a credit to Keytek™. There wasn’t a bad part to the training – I enjoyed it all, overall a professional and comprehensive training course.

Martin Slicker

Interesting non traditional locksmith company appearing to move forward faster than it’s more traditional competitors, the training was clear, simple, non pressured and in a logical format. Presented by (Dare I say it) obviously knowledgeable and articulate people.

Peter Kyte

KeytekTM is a very professional company with very high standards. I enjoyed all of the training, it was very informative and I will continue to use all of my new found skills. This course really does give you a great insight into the locksmith industry.

Gary Walker

KeytekTM has a comprehensive website , friendly approach from telephone staff and good correspondence. The staff put me at ease right away even with me being in a new environment and with no skill base to call upon. I have enjoyed my time greatly here and would happily do it again.

Stephen Mulgrave

Professional, well presented and comfortable working environment. My favourite part of the course was learning non-destructive lock opening methods.

Leo Reading

I had previously heard great things about KeytekTM Through a good friend of mine who completed the course. I was not disappointed once I arrived and from the start was looking forward to all aspects of it. The best part personally was opening, fitting and picking locks for the first time; you get a genuine buzz from it and want to do more.

Im amazed that in four days I have learnt so much about locksmithing, it is very hands on, interesting and the way you are taught is flawless, small groups of trainees allows for almost constant one on one attention.

Michael Barwick

I found KeytekTM very professional in all aspects; the course has good coverage of locksmithing. I would recommend the course because of the manner of instruction and the subjects covered.

Graham Batchelor

Excellent step by step instruction, small classes and very helpful. Good environment to train in and very informative.


The Staff are really good at what they do, very helpful and the course itself is in depth.

Kevin Rogers

I was really impressed with Keytek™! The best part of the course was the lock picking and car entry. I would recommend this course because of the high standard of training.

Lee Perry, Dorset

I first thought that Keytek™ was a small local business, however since attending the Keytek Academy course and seeing the training workshop/facilities I realise how professional and nationally recognised Keytek™ really is.

The fitting section of the course was fun and required a variety of skills.

There is so much opportunity and options to learn and make a good career. The trainers have so much knowledge and patience, making it easier and more enjoyable at the same time.

John A Green, Dorset

My First impression of Keytek™ was that as a company they are very professional.

They cover a diversity of subjects on the course.

I would recommend the course as it gives you a good basic foundation into the secrets of locksmithing.

Peter Medlock, Devon

Keytek™ is very professional and made you feel welcome right away, they were very understanding and patient and never pressured you.

I Came here with no knowledge of power tools and came away feeling very confident.

Any body wanting to have a career in locksmithing please consider Keytek™.

Carlo Valente, Kent

Clean, smart and inviting. I would recommend this course because I went from knowing nothing to having a clear knowledge and understanding of locks

Geoff Dean, Gillingham

My first impression of Keytek™ was excellent. The layout of the academy is first class, the tuition is fantastic, nothing is too much trouble. Every question is answered clearly and professionally. I found all the training was good and a joy to do. Interesting, rewarding and well tutored. I’m really glad I did this course as I have left feeling with loads of confidence in my abilities.

Nigel Dunne, County Tipperary

Very impressive and very professional. Lads very helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who feels they would like to learn more about locks and locksmithing, the lads in both accounts and training are extremely friendly and helpful.

Mark Harrison, Somerset.

A professional and approachable company who take customer needs requirements very seriously. This is demonstrated in its drive to provide all its technicians with a very high standard of training and competence. I Loved every minute of it and it was excellent value!!!

Nick Rutherford, Dorset

Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I found the course thoroughly enjoyable, well organised and presented

Yvette Rowley, Dorset

Keytek™ promotes good customer service which I believe to be very important. I found the standard of work required throughout the training course to be very high, and received all the help I needed to achieve this. Even though we had to work to a timetable there was enough time allocated for us to work at a comfortable pace and ask for any help or advice needed. I felt very comfortable with the trainer and the environment which helped the learning process greatly.

I have gained a huge amount of knowledge in quite a short space of time when you consider how long it must take in the work place to gain the same experience. I am now comfortable starting out as a locksmith in my local area.

Jason G Batt, Surrey

My first impression of the company was very good. I thought the training course was well set out and all the right tools and equipment was provided so everything we were taught could be put into practice.

I learnt a variety of new tasks and had all the support required to do this. Now I have passed I can look forward to a fantastic new career.

Fuad Abdullahi, London

A very well run company, my 9 hours days just ran by as the training course was very enjoyable. I came here just about knowing how to screw a screw into a wall and leaving feeling very confident, well knowledged and as if I’ve been a locksmith a very, very long time.

Luke Ashbee, Dorset

A very professional company and I found the training very enjoyable.

Christopher Bedassie, London

They seem to have a good insight and understanding and experience within this field.

Simon Tredwell, Swansea

I would recommend the Foundation Training Course for Locksmiths as an excellent introduction to this work. Having completed the course on the 15th April I found the training both simplified for beginners and also sufficient knowledge to cope when carrying out locksmith work.

The knowledge of the technicians was very impressive and this gave you great confidence in the support that they provided when you started in the industry and this has proved the case when you need support while carrying out the work.

I have since started a locksmith business and have seen how the knowledge provided on the course is more than adequate to provide work for someone wanting to enter the industry for the first time.

I would therefore highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a change of occupation.

Carwyn Phillips, Pembrokeshire

Very efficient and professional, made things very clear and always felt at ease. Everything was clearly explained in a step by step method. Had chances to ask questions at the end of each stage and I thought it was good value for money.

Mark Wright, Dorset

The company was very good.

Robert Young, Tyne & Wear

Very good locksmith training course. Professional.

James Knight, Somerset

Friendly, professional, relaxed and very inspiring.

Terry Arnold, Dorset

A nice working place. Hands on, well planned.

Abdellah Azzeddine, Slough

Very respectable. From start to finish they were a pleasure and very helpful. I learned from Chris and Barry more than I expected.

Kevin Patterson, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Very good, excellent working conditions. Very thorough and well paced training course.

Paul Parrott, Weymouth

Professional looking website. Excellent communication via phone and email. From the office guys to the Instructors all were approachable and extremely helpful.

Scott Finch, Oxford

I would recommend this course because it is a very good course, decent price and most helpful with arranging the course.

Steven Carter, South Yorkshire

Very professional, hi-tech facilities, friendly and welcoming. The course was value for money, brilliant facilities and excellent tuition.

Andrew Procter, Windsor

Professional and punctual. Clear and concise explanations and good hands on training. The staff are committed to making sure you understand every aspect and are very attentive to all students.

Stuart White, Devon

Very good training course and I would recommend this course and Keytek™.

Chris Malcolm, Dorset

Relaxed atmosphere making it easier to take in information. It gives good foundation knowledge of the industry and allows the students time to practice the necessary hand skills without pressure.

Andy Bird, Chelmsford

Very good, well represented company. Best part was the lockpicking and entry side. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

James Palfreeman, Dorset

Very professional and reputable. High standards are very important. Good Trainers.

James Reading, Dorset

Professional, polite and really friendly. Actual hands on experience was excellent.

Ross Belcher, Colchester

Very professional. I would recommend this course as the knowledge is good of the locksmithing area.

Craig Cooper, Hertfordshire

Very professional. Well laid out and presented.

Wayne McCalla, Birmingham

I found Keytek™ through their website, which I was very impressed with as a former IT Consultant. The information was very well laid out and it was easy to find what I wanted. The best part of the training for me was the hands on experience of the work. I would recommend this course as you do feel well prepared for a job in the locksmith trade.

Rob Griffiths, Hereford

Well, very clean organised work area.

Daz Andrews, Enfield

Organised and proficient, hands on training. It teaches you all you need to be a locksmith on a day to day basis, so you can make money right away.

Peter Wallace, Hants

I saw this Company on the internet, it looked well set out, clean and professional and I was not let down one bit when I turned up, This Course had everything I wanted and more.

Kirk Jarrett, Bristol

Good, professional company. Hands on locksmith skills (picking, jiggling and drilling out), it teaches all the key skills.

Rob Castle, Oxford

Very professional, well run and organised. The training was brilliant and loved all parts.

Jez Chapman, Lulworth

Very well run course. Very good instructors.

Brian Griffiths, Bournemouth

Very Informative, good all round course and excellent facilities.

Sean Heron, Bournemouth

Very well organised company. I would recommend this course because it seems like a great trade!

Neale McQuoid, North Yorkshire

Professional, polite and friendly. The course was well thought out and presented. The instructor is very knowledgeable, instils confidence and is encouraging.

Paul Cooper, Bournemouth

A professional and well organised firm. I would recommend this course because of the way the instructions were given out and the fact that we were able to complete the jobs given.

Phil Wheddon, Portsmouth

Excellent company. It has been brilliant, the training staff were very professional. I have learnt so much and it was a very friendly atmosphere.

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