Locksmith Training Loans

Having a change of career is an exciting and sometimes challenging time, you are eager to get your teeth into something new and learn a new skill but you may not have the funds to embark on such a move. Locksmithing is a fantastic career to get into for many reasons; being your own boss, working your own hours and a competitive salary* to just name a few! But an obstacle many prospective Locksmiths come across is the start up costs of putting yourself through a locksmith course in the first place!

Keytek® are proud to be the first Locksmith training academy to offer a Locksmith Training Loan. We have teamed up with a company called Employee Loans to give you the opportunity to do the course now and pay it off in monthly installments with them in the form of a Locksmith Loan, much like you would if you were to purchase a car on finance. There is also the option to obtain a loan for your initial stock and tools purchase. You have the option to take a loan out for the course, stock and tools, or either individually depending on your financial needs. At Keytek® we want to help you achieve your career goals in Locksmithing and help you to break through any barriers you may come across so that in the end, you are an accredited, professional Locksmith.

If this is something that you are interested in, or would like to discuss the course/Locksmithing as a career in more detail please call one of our Academy Team who’d be happy to help on 01202 711195.

How do I get the loan?

We’ve made this nice and simple for you! Once you have decided on which course you are doing, and you have spoken to someone at the Keytek® Locksmith Academy, all you need to do is visit our page on the Employee Loans site. Once here you simply need to enter your information and someone will be in touch to go over this in more detail with you and to discuss your options and payment plan. Please ensure you have first spoken to the Academy Team at Keytek® on 01202 711195 to check availability on courses.

Once you have read up on each of the courses that Keytek® has to offer and you decide which course is best for you, you will be taken to the Locksmith Training Loan page. This page will offer you a different loan amount depending on which course you wish to take.

*Salary expectations change depending on the individual, factors such as working hours and number of hours worked in a week effect the salary.
CAG (UK) Ltd is not a lender. CAG (UK) Ltd provides a free of charge service whereby acting as an introducer to 3rd party finance options.


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