How to Keep your Toolbox and your Tools Safe

Tools are expensive and losing them may cost you your livelihood, take a look at our top tips on keeping your toolbox and your tools secure below!


Stay Alert

Always ensure you keep your eye on your toolbox when you’re on the job, never leave your toolboxes open to the public on the street or in your van with the doors open. It only takes two seconds for a chance burglar to see the opportunity and run off with your expensive tools.


Mark your Toolbox

Marking your toolbox and the tools inside clearly will deter burglars as they are harder to sell on. Thames Valley Police recommend that you engrave or paint your name, postcode and house number on your tools, not only will they become less valuable to thieves but if your tools are stolen and recovered by the police there is a greater chance of them being returned to you.


‘No Tools Left in this Vehicle Overnight’

Take your tools out of your van when your job is done for the day. This is where most tool burglaries happen. If you cannot take your tools out of your vehicle take a look at our blog: ‘How to keep your Locksmith Van Secure’.


Tool Storage

Store your tools in a purpose built van vault or purpose built security storage box, the harder it is to get to your tools the better. If the security box is removable ensure you secure it down with a chain and deadlock to an unmovable object.


Tools in the Shed

We recommend that you do not keep expensive tools in the shed but if you are storing some tools in your shed, ensure that it is secured as well as you possibly can. Take a look at our Garden Shed Home Security Guide here to discover how!


As a Locksmith business you should have insurance, ensure that your insurance covers everything that you will need it for such as the tools left inside your home/garage and the tools that may be left in your work vehicle overnight.