How to Keep your Locksmith Van Secure!

How to Secure your Locksmith Van

Tools are becoming more and more valuable so it is important to keep them secure. You could empty your van of all tools every night but as they increase in value they also increase in weight, making it too heavy and too time consuming to do so. In this case, securing your works van is vital! Too many times we hear of tool and transit van theft so we have put together this blog to help ensure you are not one of those unfortunate ones.


Simple Steps to Security

More often than not it is the simple, most obvious things that help prevent theft of your tools and van but because they are so obvious they often get blind sighted and cause the worst to happen. Below we have listed easy ways to help with your van security.

Lock your van at all times

It’s easy to jump out your van and leave it unlocked, maybe even leaving the door open so you have easy access to your tools when at a customer’s house. But if you’re focused on the job at hand it only takes seconds for a burglar to notice your van and tools and either drive off or take a toolbox for you to be completely unaware. When you’re finished for the day and parked on your drive, you may think it is safe but it is not worth the risk, lock your van!


Check the windows

This is simple, like your doors ensure your windows are closed every time you’ve stopped. This is another easy access point to thieves that can easily be prevented.


Parking your van

Always park in a well lit area where security camera’s can capture all sides of your van. If you are parking your van at home it is best to park it on the drive and install deterrents such as an outdoor security camera and a key operated security bollard.


Mark your van and equipment

Simply mark your van and tools using a UV pen. Invisible until you shine a UV light over them this helps police identify your stolen tools should they be recovered.

Create an inventory

Whilst you are marking up your van and tools with the UV pen it is wise to create an inventory and update it every time you update your toolkit. This way if anything is stolen you will easily be able to identify what is missing and tell the police.


Top Van Security Products

Once you have implemented the simple steps above it is time to think about the extra security you can add to ensure your van is secured as best it can be.


Slam locks

If you’re one of those who forgets to lock the van when leaving it for a few minutes whilst you pop in the shop or at a customer’s house than a slam lock is a good investment for you. Slam locks work by automatically locking the doors whenever they are slammed shut.



A popular choice as these types of locks are very difficult to pick as there is no spring mechanism that can be prised open. These locks operate with a key that can be brought in conjunction with a slam lock so you need fewer keys.


Van lock protection plates

These are made from steel and fit over your existing lock, encasing it in protection. This is to prevent thieves drilling out the lock and trying to prise it open.


Vehicle Tracking GPS

A hidden GPS is a crucial piece of equipment if your van was to be stolen. It will allow the police to directly track your van and hopefully catch the thief! Prices start from around £20 but professional trackers can run into hundreds of pounds!


Van alarm

Most vans come equipped with an alarm and an immobiliser, but if you have an older model it is vital to install one. Your van alarm should be Thatcham category 2 approved which means the immobiliser is included as part of the overall alarm system. Another reason this is vital is that your insurance may not be valid if you do not have one.


Steering wheel lock

Fitted over the steering wheel, these locks are a great visual deterrent as they are made of brightly painted steel. Steering wheel locks are very hard to break and require a key to be released so that a burglar cannot drive off with your van.


Van vault

Van vaults are high security, steel boxes that sit inside your van; they are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. If a thief manages to gain access to your van a van vault will help keep your tools safe.


Padlock and chain

If your van vault is not big enough for some of your tools a simpler version (albeit not as safe) is to secure your equipment with a heavy duty lock and chain inside your van. Hopefully this will be enough of a deterrent for a thief to move on as it will take too much time to break into this also.


Window grills

Window grills are another fantastic visual deterrent and again made from steel prevents burglars accessing your van even if they have smashed the window. They can be installed in a matter of minutes so are a great piece of security.

Window tints

A chance burglar will not be interested in what they cannot see. Applying window tints to your van is a quick and cheap way to keep prying eyes at bay.


No tools left in this van overnight

Adding one of these stickers is not the be all and end all of security but it is an easy, simple addition to your van that may help prevent some chance burglaries.


Buying a New Van?

The most important thing to consider when buying a new Locksmith van is the security. The second is insurance, ensure this covers everything you will need it to such as the goods inside, the windows and windscreen and will you be issued a replacement if yours is stolen?

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