How to: Facebook for Locksmiths

How to: Facebook for Locksmith Businesses

Many more of us are turning to social media platforms like Facebook to find services that we require, so it is vital that Locksmiths create a Facebook page for their business to help it grow and succeed.

It has been reported that a whopping 2.45 billion of us log in to Facebook every month across the world, around 45 million of those are based in the UK. Now we don’t expect you to travel up and down the country but if you divide that up into the 48 counties that are in the UK, you are looking at reaching a potential of 937,500 customers every month, wow!

Facebook is very easy to manage as you can run it much like your own personal profile to begin with. Below is a list of things to do to help your business grow on Facebook:


Facebook for Business

The first step you should undertake is to create a new Facebook business page, do not create a new Facbook profile like your personal one where other people have to request to be your friend. You can do this by logging into your personal account and click ‘Create’ which is located in the top left in the blue bar next to ‘Home’. Once you have clicked ‘Create’, click ‘Page’ from the drop down menu, select ‘Business or Brand’ and follow the steps Facebook will take you through.

There are a number of sections that you will need to fill out to create your business page but some are optional, we recommend you do the following:


Business Name

Keep it short, simple and professional. Do not add any extra elements at this stage such as the locations you cover, we will add that in later.


Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing that your potential and existing customers will see when finding you on Facebook. It could be a picture of yourself smiling in your Locksmith uniform, your logo or your Locksmith van etc. The key here is that your business is recognisable. Avoid dark, blurry images that look messy and unprofessional, P.S. remember to note what is in the background of your image!


Timeline Photo

Once someone has clicked onto your page the biggest thing they will see is your timeline photo. The same rules apply as your profile picture here, keep it clean, simple and in conjunction with your business brand. You can also layer your logo onto each of your photo’s to enhance your brand business, this is called a watermark. There are lots of free tools online to help you with that such as


About Section

The ‘About’ section is an important section that should include your business address, contact information, business hours and your website URL. You can also include some personal details such as how long you have been a Locksmith for, the area’s you cover and your qualifications.



Under the community section of your Facebook business page is where you will find all the posts and photos that your customer’s publish to your page. It is important to respond to them in a friendly and professional manner, even more so if there is a complaint.



Here customers can review your services and the review ratings will appear at the top of your Facebook business page. Reviews are invaluable; many potential customers looking for trade’s people these days will head straight to the review section to see whether your business is reliable and good value.

Replying to Reviews

It is crucial that you always reply to any reviews that come in, especially if it is a negative review. Always be professional when replying to reviews and try to resolve the issue if it were a negative review.

How to get more Reviews

Ask your customers to leave a review once you’ve done the work for them. You can do this in a number of ways such as emailing them, texting them or just by word of mouth once you have done the work for your customer. Remember to include your business name on Facebook so that they can find you easily.



Here you can add the services you offer as a Locksmith, such as emergency call outs or auto lockouts. You can choose whether you would like to input a fixed price, variable price or turn this option off all together.

Next you can add a description of your service and how long it takes, again you can turn the timings off here. Once you’ve completed that it gives you the option to add a photo of the service at the end. We strongly recommend that you do as it will help those who are not in the industry identify what they need doing and see the quality of your work.


Facebook Posts

This is your opportunity to engage with your customers and to become more noticeable online. You can post relevant blogs here and link them to your website, statuses and photo’s. This will show up on your Facebook ‘Timeline’ and the timelines of those who follow your page, anything you share from other’s pages will also show up here!

Pin to Top of Page

If there is a particular blog or post you would like your potential customers to see first on your Facebook page you can ‘Pin to top of page’. This will keep the post at the top of your page always, no matter how many more posts you create. You can do this by posting the specific blog, once posted click on the three dots located in the top right of the post and select ‘Pin to top of page’.


When posting a photo or a status always include hashtags. A hashtag is a keyword or phrase with no spaces that correlates to your post with a pound sign (#) infront of it, e.g. #LocksmithServices. Using hashtags helps potential customers searching for that keyword find your business amongst the many other that are out there.

When to Post

It is reported that Facebook pages overall get the most engagement on Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm so that would be the best time to post. Overall we recommend posting no more than twice a day and no less than once a week, posting once a week on your Facebook page is a great way to start building your customer engagement.


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