Keytek E-Learning Courses

Keytek E-Learning Courses

At Keytek® Locksmiths the training doesn’t end when you leave our locksmith training academy. Our goal is to prepare new locksmiths be as successful as possible in the industry, as well as offering those established in the industry a chance to further their knowledge. This means, as well as offering full, in person courses including the Locksmith Qualification course and bespoke and specialist courses, we also offer a range of e-learning courses through our Online Academy to help you gain more confidence and knowledge.

All the courses on our Online Academy are designed to provide you with more skills to make sure your locksmithing career is off to a great start and you have all the tools you need. What’s good about online learning is that you can complete them in your own time at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Not everyone enjoys a classroom set up and struggle to learn in a group. This is why the Keytek® Online Academy offers online courses for you to do at home. You can take each course as many times as you like, meaning you will have a real chance of gaining the skills you require to be successful.


The online courses in our Online Academy aim to provide you with advanced safety knowledge, meaning when out working you are able to keep yourself and your customers safe. We also offer online courses relating to customer service and communication, as locksmithing is a customer facing job, good relationships with our customers is key to successful career. Last but not least, we also offer an online course that covers the Data Protection Act, as this was updated in 2018, it’s important that you are well versed in your knowledge of data protection. Whether you are a newcomer to the industry, or an established locksmith, our online academy will have a course that can enhance your career. Another benefit of the courses being online is that it will cost you less than a traditional in person course, every cost saving counts when trying to start a successful business.


Starting a Locksmith Business?

If you aim is to start your own locksmithing business after you complete your training, then you should seriously consider taking a few of the eLearning courses on our Online Academy. There is more to being a locksmith than just changing locks, to be successful independent locksmith you need a whole host of new skills. It could be that you have never had to deal with customer services in your previous jobs, which means our Customer Service online learning course would be perfect for you. Locksmiths do often rely on word of mouth and reviews as well as advertising campaigns, so it’s incredibly important that you are comfortable dealing with customers face to face and have the skills to leave the customer feeling satisfied and willing to use you again. If you are already confident at customer service then our Online Academy has a number of other courses for you to work through.


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