November 24, 2021 | Haidy Elsawaf | Blog

What Counts as a Locksmith Emergency?


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Locksmith Emergency

As a Locksmith you’ll be called out by customers for lots of different reasons; however, emergency situations should always be prioritized and often tend to have an ASAP response whereas non-emergency situations are usually scheduled ahead of time.

Emergency call-outs are often when a customer is locked out, has been burgled or is left in a situation where their home is left unsecured. Whatever the situation the customer has gone through, as part of being a Locksmith, it is important to know the most common and important Locksmith emergencies. This blog will take you through what can count as a Locksmith emergency.

What are Emergency Locksmith Services?

Emergency Locksmith services are often defined at services which require immediate assistance and resolution where a Locksmith should look to get to a customer as soon as possible.

Lock Outs

Unfortunately, a customer getting locked out is an all too common call out for Locksmiths. And customers usually feel the world is ending when they get locked out and are usually quite upset. An important part of dealing with lock outs is being able to understand why a customer is locked out and the different tools and equipment that will be needed.

These are some of the most common causes for lock outs:

  • Lost keys – coming back home only find to find the house keys nowhere in sight is a typical scenario.

  • Key and lock failure – keys and locks have a lifespan and many things, such as weather conditions, can affect the operation of a lock. Sometimes it could be the case where the key won’t work in the lock.

  • Key stuck in the lock – a lock out situation can happen if a key is stuck in their lock. Needing an emergency locksmith, in this case, will happen.

After a Break In

Unfortunately, burglary is common in the UK and it’s been estimated that a burglary happens every 106 seconds. As a Locksmith, when you get a burglary repair call out, the customer will not only be under a certain amount of emotional distress but also be in need of services immediately. Understanding how to deal with this Locksmith emergency in a time efficient but compassionate manner is a vital part of your job to help the customers feel secured in their home again.

Not only will you be emergently needed to repair damage of the burglary and secure the home but also might need to add extra security measures to customers’ houses.

Working Out of Hours

Often, you’ll be called out in the day for lock changes, lock outs and multiple other Locksmith services, but whenever you are called out outside of normal working hours often regardless of the service the customer is more anxious and stressed about getting the job completed which often makes them an emergency service.

Normal working hours are usually 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday so out of hours might be:

  • 6pm – 8am
  • Weekends
  • Bank Holidays

However, these can change depending on what hours of service you offer as a Locksmith.

Offering emergency Locksmith services requires the skill and the know how to not only complete the job in an urgent fashion to make the customer feel secured but also being able to deal with the highted stress of the situation and efficiently navigate it so that the customer is at ease.

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