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What are the Benefits of a Locksmith Course?


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Whichever trade or job you want to go into, the likelihood is that you are going to need some sort of training. When it comes to Locksmithing, some sort of formal training is vital for you to be successful. This is because Locksmithing comes with a certain level of skill that you cannot just teach yourself. The techniques of non-destructive, destructive entry and working with lock mechanisms is complicated and needs to be taught by a trained professional.


Why Should I Take a Locksmith Course?

In order to be a successful Locksmith, you need to be effective at your job and leave your customers satisfied. The only way to do this is to get some quality training.

You could call yourself a Locksmith, turn up to someone’s house and break the lock to let them in… but you are unlikely to get paid or get another booking. You want to be able to turn up at any job and be able to complete it successfully with minimal or no damage, leaving the customer happy and their home secured.

Undertaking some form of formal Locksmith training can also allow you to offer a wider array of services which help to increase your bookings and your income.

There is more to Locksmithing than just opening doors. Attending a proper Locksmith course can give you all the skills for making your Locksmith business more successful. In terms of Locksmith courses Keytek® Locksmith Academy offers a full range of training courses, whether you are brand new to the industry, or are just looking to brush up on or learn new skills.


what are the benefits of a Locksmith course UK training


Benefits of a Locksmith Course

1. You Get Access to Industry Experts

When you attend a Locksmith course, you gain the benefit of learning from and talking to some of the industries top experts. This means not only can you learn insider tips and tricks but you can also pick their brain on any questions you might have about the industry and about offering your services as a Locksmiths to your customers.

2. Opportunities to subcontract

Once you gain your qualification or accreditation, you will be able to subcontract with a national company. If you join a network such as Keytek® , you can set your work hours and areas. When a job becomes available that is suitable for you, they will get in contact and book you in. Subcontracting is a good way to get started in the locksmithing industry as they do all the advertising and organisational work for you.

3. Futureproof yourself

At the moment the locksmithing industry is largely unregulated, but this might not always be the case. Once you have your qualification or accreditation you will be in a good position if the regulations around locksmithing change.

4. 24/7 Support

If you do join a network like Keytek® then you will have access to support from industry experts. If you are ever stuck at a job and need to talk thing through, Keytek® have a tech support team that’s available 24/7. This could prove invaluable when you are first starting out, as you might need a bit of extra support if you are unsure how to proceed on a job. Keytek® will offer you this support regardless of whether you subcontract, they offer help to anyone that has completed one of their courses.


What Training Do I Need as A Beginner Locksmith?

As a complete novice to the industry, you will need to undertake a Locksmith course that teaches you all the skills you need to be a working Locksmith. With the Keytek® Locksmith Academy you can choose between our 2 main beginner options, you can either choose to enrol on our certified Locksmith Qualification which is regulated by OFQUAL or you can do our 5 locksmith accreditation which is regulated by The NCFE. Which one you pick will be dependent on your circumstances, whether you have any help with funding through ELCAS or anywhere else.

You won’t be able to successfully trade as a Locksmith without attending a Locksmith course. If someone is locked out, you can’t really pick a lock effectively without training. You also can’t replace a lock mechanism without some form of training and practice.


Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Commercial Locksmiths and Property Security

This Keytek® course is made up of 14 different unit modules, all of which you need to complete to gain your full Locksmith Qualification. These 14 modules will be taught to you over an initial 8 days of the Locksmith course under the guidance of our qualified trainer. You will undertake this course in Keytek’s purpose-built facility where there is a maximum of 4 students per course, to ensure you have maximum support and understanding.

Once you have completed this initial section of the Qualification, you will move on to an independent learning module. With Keytek’s full support you will need to show evidence that you have retained the knowledge you were taught. This can be done through photos, videos, and customer feedback. You have 6 months to do this and when successfully completed you will gain your full Locksmith Qualification.

This is the industry’s first and only Locksmith Qualification and we are one of a handful that offer it across the UK. This is a unique opportunity where you get to attend a Locksmith course where at the end you can call yourself a ‘qualified locksmith’. The Highfield level 3 diploma is the most comprehensive level of training you can receive in Locksmith courses currently in the UK, so it’s the one you want to do if you want to learn the widest range of locksmithing skills.


5 Day Locksmith Accreditation

The 5-day course teaches you a wide range and in-depth variety of Locksmith skills, to set you up to start work as a Locksmith after the 5 days are completed successfully. This course is designed to expose new Locksmiths to the hands-on elements of becoming and making a living as a Locksmith.

The 5-day accreditation course is regulated by The NCFE, a national awarding organisation, they design, develop and certificate nationally recognised customised qualifications and accreditations. They are highly respected and well known within the Locksmith industry.

The accreditation is has been specially tailored to newcomers in the industry and is constantly being changed and updated with any industry changes. Although not a qualification the Level 4 accredited Locksmith course is nationally recognised and is respected throughout the industry. It is a shorter course than the qualification and will cost you slightly less.


Choosing a Locksmith Course

Whichever Locksmith course you choose to start your career as a Locksmith, you are going to be receiving the best possible training from the Keytek® Locksmith Academy. Both offer extensive and in-depth training that will set you up for a successful career as a Locksmith. Once you complete a Locksmith course with the Keytek® Locksmith Academy, you will have the support of Keytek® expert technical team who are on call 24/7 for any technical related queries!

Enquire about our courses today on 01202 711195 or at academy@keytek.co.uk!