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Top Tips for Becoming a Successful Locksmith


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The Locksmith and security industry is an attractive market to enter as they are always in demand, unfortunately locks will break, keys will be lost, and people lock themselves out. But it’s not as simple as picking up a screwdriver to be a good Locksmith, a successful Locksmith has the experience and the know how to offer all customers with an unmatched service.

As one of the industry’s leading training providers and being a part of the UK’s largest Locksmith community, we have used our expertise to create our top tips on how to become a successful Locksmith!


1.      Trained, Professional and Experienced

We highly recommend that any new Locksmiths undertake some form of formal Locksmith training to ensure that you can provide only the best service to your customers. Locksmith training enables you to fully understand all the practical elements of what is required to become a Locksmith.

Do keep in mind that newcomers to the industry will need to build their experience working as a Locksmith and the more experience that is gained will enable you to provide a better service.


2.      Be Consistent and Honest

Consistent customer service and honesty will go a long way with not only building your business reputation but also generating word of mouth business. Being upfront about your pricing and how it is calculated so that a customer knows what the charges will be, not only does this make it easier in terms of customer clarity but also being honest is always a good sign of a good business.

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3.      Set your hours

Most Locksmith services are needed in an emergency, so having set hours that you are only willing to work may hinder you when it comes to building your reputation. If a customer can’t call you after 5pm for a lock out, you might be limiting your avenues for work.

Think about the services that you are offering to customers and what would be required of you to fulfil those services.


4.      Come Prepared

Arriving to site, prepare to carry out the job and with the right tools gives a valuable impression to customers that you are professional and prepared to provide a great service. This doesn’t mean that you need to come to site with every part imaginable, but a fully stocked van with the most common parts to ensure that jobs are done as efficiently as possible will help to build your reputation as a good Locksmith.


5.      Be Online

Word of mouth is a valuable resource for gaining recommendations and reaching new customers, however with the digital age continuing to expand having an online presence is a good idea. By being online it gives your previous customers the platform to leave feedback and make recommendations whereas it allows new customers to find the right information about you such as your phone number, location, hours of work etc. Online offers a valuable source for reaching new customers and gaining work.

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Locksmith Career FAQ

Are Locksmiths in demand?

The Locksmith and security industry are always in demand. They are affected very little by external factors as at the end of the day unfortunately people always loose keys or lock themselves out and are in need of a Locksmith.


Is being a Locksmith a good career?

Being a Locksmith is rewarding, allows you to be flexible with your time and schedule and can be profitable. Once established within the Locksmith community, most find that the Locksmith career offers them freedom to become adaptable to other aspects of life.


Is it hard to become a Locksmith?

The Locksmith industry is unregulated, meaning that there is no requirement of formal education to become a Locksmith. However, it is strongly advised that formal training is undertaken to become a professional Locksmith. There are many Locksmith courses, alongside the industry’s first Locksmith Qualification, where you can learn the basics of becoming a Locksmith.


What makes a good Locksmith?

Being a good Locksmith starts with providing good customer service, in a forward facing role customer service is essential however it is also important that you have the know-how and the experience in order to provide customers with an unmatched service in terms of customer service and practicality.