December 14, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

Tips for Building Customer Trust


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As a Locksmith a lot of your work is customer facing, meaning you will have a lot of interaction with customers on a daily basis. Often you will be meeting people on a bad day, whether they’ve been burgled, lost their keys, or are locked out. They also could be elderly or vulnerable, so a successful Locksmith needs to establish trust with the customer straight away. This will give you a greater chance of repeat custom or new customers by word of mouth. Building trust is easier said than done, so we are going to give you a few tips on how to build trust with your customer.


Provide Good Customer Service

It sounds obvious, but this is the most important thing you can do to gain customer trust. No matter the time of day, your mood, or how much money you are making from the job, you need to give 100% to all your customers. Even if it’s your last job on a Friday evening and your other half has already ordered a takeaway, that last customer still needs your best work. Home security is of great importance so as a Locksmith you need to make sure a customer’s home is secured properly. If you leave a customer feeling satisfied then they are more likely to use your services again and recommend them to a friend.


Be Sensitive of a Customer’s Situation

Like we mentioned before, as a Locksmith the likelihood is that you are going to be meeting your customers on a stressful day. This is especially true if they have experienced a burglary, you will probably be the first person they see after the police leave. Be ready for a customer to be upset when telling you what happened, try to offer a few comforting words if possible. Even if you are in a rush to get to your next job, do not let the customer know this, complete their job thoroughly and make them feel secure.


If they are Elderly or Vulnerable

You may have some customers that are elderly or need a little more explanation of what you are doing. Taking the time to reassure customers like this is not only good customer service, but also makes sure you are providing customers will a service they actually need.

If they have carers or children that come regularly, leaving detailed invoice or even a note about what you’ve done can be very helpful. If you realise that you are going to the same house multiple times to do the same job and the person is elderly or vulnerable then you may need to contact their next of kin to make them aware of what’s going on. Being open and honest with your customers is always the best way to deal with difficult situations.


Use Trust Signals

One way a customer knows they can trust a tradesperson, such as a Locksmith, is by seeing they are verified by a few governing bodies. So, if you are a member of TrustaTrader, Which or the NGCL then put it on your van and on your business cards. If you are not a member of these, then it’s worth thinking about signing up. Many people use sites such as The NGCL to find a trustworthy tradesperson, so you could be missing out on custom if you are not a member.


Get Some Good Reviews

Ask your happy customers to write you reviews and make them available for people to see. Many customers will pick a tradesperson by using reviews. So, make sure you have 5-10 positive reviews on your website, or on a platform that customers will see.


Be Ready to Explain What you are Doing and Why

Unless your customer is a landlord, it’s likely that using a Locksmith is not a common experience for them. This can lead some customers asking lots of questions about the process and even the cost of the job. Be patient and talk them through what you are doing and answer any questions. If you seem annoyed or hostile if a customer is like this, then you are not likely to build trust with them.


Look Professional

As much as we realise that being a Locksmith involves you getting a bit grubby, you need to be as presentable as possible when you are working. If you subcontract from a national company then they should have the option to provide you with branded work clothes. If not make sure you have a couple of pairs of presentable work trousers along with polo shirts. We aren’t talking designer stuff here, just work clothes that don’t have holes or huge stains on them.

Hopefully we have provided you with some tips on how to gain the trust of your customers and make your business a success. If you need any more advice about how to start or improve your Locksmith business then visit our Locksmith Advice Hub.