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How to Make your Locksmith CV Look Good?


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Are you actively looking for a job as a Locksmith? We’ve gathered top tips to make it easier for you to create an impressive Locksmith CV. We’ll guide you through what you should and shouldn’t include when writing your CV when applying for Locksmithing roles.


About Me Resume Section

On the “About Me” section, you can highlight your working hours and areas. Working as a Locksmith means you will certainly have more unusual working hours, outside of the normal 9-5. So stating your working hours and areas, makes it easier for employers to see when you would be available to take on work. The more available you are, the more attractive your CV may appear, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when you are choosing your working hours.


What is your Experience? Did you Complete a Locksmith Qualification or Accreditation?

No matter how much experience you have working as a Locksmith or similar, such as a key cutter, alarm technician or carpenter, customers and Locksmith employers will want to see a proof of your level of knowledge. The official Locksmith Qualification or an Accreditation in the UK are more often than not required by an employer have due to the industry being unregulated. Some national locksmith companies won’t let you work for them, until you have a Qualification or Accreditation.

Visit our website here for more information about our Locksmith qualification and accreditation in the UK!


What Type of Industries Have you Worked In?

When writing about your experience, highlighting what relevant industries you have worked in is important. This shows that you have a wide range of experience and depth of knowledge. This could give future employers and customer confidence that you have the skills necessary to be a good locksmith.


What are your Skills?

Locksmithing involves a variety of skills that needs to be highlighted on your CV. Here are some of the skills that are required to be a Locksmith:

  • Practical thinking – think of it this way, customers will be stressed and upset when locked out. It might be the case that you calm them down before you start any actual work. Small things can make the world of difference, such as reassuring the customer that you can help, and explain what you will do to sort their problem.

  • Good customer service skills – defusing a high stress situation, dealing with upset and angry customers and staying calm is essential for a successful Locksmith.

  • Driving for long periods – besides having a full clean driving license, as a large part of your day will be spent in your vehicle on the road. Being able to easily travel from one job to another is essential.

  • Interest in Locksmithing tools – having an interest in all things mechanical, including different locks and security mechanisms, is a good thing to have. Having a keen interest means you will be able to advise customers better on which locks and tools are right for them.

Look at the skills above and think what you could take out to put on your CV and consider what you need to develop in the long run!


Do I Need a CV to be a Locksmith?

While it is not absolutely essential that you had a CV when becoming a locksmith, it will help put you ahead of competitors. When applying to work for national companies, or even private Locksmithing companies, they will have their own list of requirements. These could include; a clean DBS check, proof of accreditation or qualification, clean drivers licence and public liability insurance, plus more. So, if you meet those requirements and have a good CV ready to show them, then this could make you standout from other candidates.

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