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How to Handle a Complaint


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As a Locksmith working in a customer facing role and often in your customer’s homes you may find yourself on the receiving end of a customer complaint. If you do find yourself with a customer complaint there are certain ways you should handle it to ensure the problem is quickly resolved and that you and the customer walk away satisfied.


Stay Calm

It is important to stay calm when receiving a complaint from your customer. You may find that your customer isn’t calm and it can cause things to get heated which will only make things worse. By remaining calm you will be able to resolve the situation much quicker, a tip on remembering to stay calm is to remember that it isn’t a personal attack against you.

Listen to Your Customer

Listen intently as to what the problem is your customer is facing. It could be a really simple fix and you can resolve the matter within a couple of minutes. If there is something that is going to need more time, it is important you listen to each problem if there is multiple so the customer feels satisfied their needs are being met and therefore will be more willing to cooperate with you in a calm manner. Never dismiss any of your customer’s complaints or think of them as trivial as this will only lead them to feel frustrated, it could be that they’re having a bad day and unfortunately have chosen you to vent to but all complaints must be listen to and dealt with professionally.


Be Kind and Understanding

Being kind and understanding is a sure fire way to let your customer know that you care about their issues. This allows the customer to understand themselves that you are ready to listen and be on their side, repeat back to them what the issue is that they are having, they will know you’ve listened and acknowledged their problem this way.


Even if the issue is not your fault or your work is not to blame always apologise. Something has gone wrong for them which is really frustrating and we all know apologies go a long way. If the issue is not your fault apologise and provide useful advice on how to solve their issues if possible.


Ask any Further Questions

Once you have listen to everything your customer has had to say and completed the above steps ask them if they have any further questions this will prove your willingness to cooperate and make the customer feel as though they can trust you.


Solve the Issue in Good Time

Once you’ve handled the complaint make sure you resolve the issue in good time, no one wants to be waiting on a job to be done after your mistake. As a Locksmith it may be imperative to get the issue resolved ASAP if the customer’s home security is at risk.


Keep a Document of the Complaint and any Further Actions

Always keep a document of your customer’s complaint, your response and any further actions you took in response to the complaint. This will help you grow as a Locksmith and notice any flaws in your work; it will cover your back should you need it further down the line.


Always Respond to Negative Reviews

Last but not least, you may receive negative reviews online. You may think it is easier to ignore these but your potential customers will read these negative reviews and it will reassure them to see a polite, articulated response to the complaint where you state that you will resolve the issue. You should word a negative review response as something along the lines of…”Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear I did not meet your expectations, please give me a call/email on … to discuss your problem and resolve the issue.”


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