May 12, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

How to Deliver Good Customer Service


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When it comes to being a Locksmith, a lot of your job will revolve around interacting with your customers, as well as fixing their locks. To be a successful Locksmith, customers need to trust you and you may get some work through word of mouth, so you need to leave a good impression at every job. Locksmiths will often see people at a vulnerable time, after a break-in or they have locked themselves out, its important your social skills are good enough to handle these situations.


Know your stuff

It’s important that your customer trusts you to do a good job. Make sure you are up to date on all the most common lock types and how to fix or replace them. Even if you have been in the business a long time, you need to brush up on all the skills you were taught when you trained. If you do get stuck on site and are unsure on how to successfully complete a job then you can call Keytek’s technical team (if you have trained or subcontract with us). Don’t panic in front of the customer, if you are stuck, take a step back and revaluate the situation.


Have a good attitude

You must never be rude to a customer; your attitude always needs to be positive and courteous. This is especially true if your customer has been a victim of a break in, they might be emotional or upset, so a kind and friendly attitude will work wonders for them. Not only is it the polite way to be, it’s also important if you want repeat custom, or more work through word of mouth. A person won’t recommend you to their friends if you are rude or intimidating. It’s not just the words you say that convey your attitude; your tone of voice, facial expression and body language also give you away. It’s important to keep all these factors in mind when communicating with a customer.


Respond Quickly and On Time

If you market yourself as an ‘emergency’ Locksmith then you need to be prepared to take jobs at any time and be able to get there fast. Don’t advertise out of the areas that you can cover, as this could lead to slow response times, which doesn’t look good for you. Also, don’t promise a time you can’t make. It might be tempting to promise you can be at someone’s home by a certain time if you think it will secure you the job. But only promise if you know you can make it at that time, it’s better to be honest about your arrival time than have the customer waiting because you’re late. If something does come up that delays you then it is best practice to phone the customer and inform them, they might be annoyed, but they will probably be angrier if you show up late with no explanation.


Listen to your Customer

This is important as a Locksmith, as it could affect what lock you install. If you have an older customer who tells you she struggles to open the door, you may want to offer to install a new handle or an easier to open lock. Or if your customer tells you they have repeatedly been broken into, offer them a free security check or show them high security lock options. Not only could listening to your customers actually gain you more work, it also leaves them with a good impression and more work through word of mouth.


Have good communication

Remember, you have had Locksmith training, but your customer hasn’t, you may need to talk them through what you are doing. Explain why you are using a certain technique or why you have chosen a specific lock to install. This is their home after all and they need to be confident in what’s been done. It might be that you need to come back on another day to complete the job; you will need to explain fully to the customer why this is. Unhappy customers often come from lack of communication and confusion, so this one is an important one to remember.


To finish…

Bad customer service can cause a business to fail, so it’s important that you work on having good customer service skills. It is vital in the Locksmithing industry that you leave customers feeling happy and secure. For more advice on having a successful Locksmithing career, visit our Locksmith Advice hub.