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Best Garage Locks for 2021


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When thinking about home security, homeowners often overlook their outbuildings and garages but as they often contain expensive valuables it is important that they are as secure as can be. As a Locksmith you may want to recommend a few top garage locks as good service or they may want you to fit the locks, resulting in extra work!


Garage Defender Master

This is one of the most popular garage door locks/defenders and it is highly used on many other garages around the UK, so chances are you may have already come across them. The reason for its popularity is that it is so strong and secure and will stop even the most advanced burglar in their tracks.

The Garage Defender Master is used on roll-up and up and over garage doors as it prevents the door from being forced open. This British made garage defender comes equipped with two bolts that are long and thick, designed that way to protect against a burglar with a crow bar. Another great feature of the Garage Defender Master is that it comes with a padlock to secure the lock to the plate, so that it cannot be pulled off of the base plate.

You can purchase the Garage Defender Master at Duffels, in most hardware stores and on Amazon.


Bulldog Garage Door Lock

The Bulldog Garage Door Lock fits inside and outside of the garage door and fits almost any type of garage door including metal, plastic, glass fibre and wooden garage doors but the design is highly effective for up and over garage doors.

The Bulldog Garage Lock is made up of a bracket that is 6mm thick, a ground bolt that is 25mm thick, reinforcing plate and coach bolts! What might swing this garage door lock over the Garage Defender Master for your customers is that it is smaller in design so that it takes up less space and it has the ability to be fitted inside or outside the garage so won’t spoil the aesthetic look of the garage.

You can purchase the Bulldog Garage Door Lock at Duffels, in most hardware stores and on Amazon.


Schlosser Technik Garage Door Bolts

The Schlosser Technik Garage is a great alternative to the two garage door locks above if you do not wish to drill into the ground. Again these garage door bolts work well on up and over garage doors and can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

What’s great about the Schlosser Technik Garage Door Bolts is that the bolts are surface mounted on each side of the garage door with key access so that you can unlock them from each side. The steel bolts are made from 12mm of hardened steel to prevent burglars sawing through them. As well as the bolts there is a 70mm throw that provides a secure grip so that the garage door cannot be forced open.

The Schlosser Technik is a little harder to get hold of but is available on Amazon, eBay and other online hardware stores.


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