March 31, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

Benefits of E-Learning


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Over the past few years, E-Learning has become more and more common place, the online revolution has changed the way we can study and access knowledge. However, it has definitely been pushed to the mainstream because of the coronavirus pandemic. Keytek® believes that the restrictions placed on us by Covid-19 shouldn’t impact you furthering your career. This is why we have put a number of courses online, open to everyone to enhance their career.

Not confident with online learning? We will go through the advantages of E-learning and how you can benefit from starting a course online.

E-learning is flexible

Learning online is completely flexible. You can access the content, study the material and discuss it as much as you like. You can fit in your learning around your life, work and other commitments. Concentrate best at midnight? That’s fine! You can log on at whatever time you like to learn.

Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number of Times

This one is especially good if you struggle with traditional classroom learning. You can study in the privacy of your own home. You can also access any content you need an unlimited number of times. This means if you are unsure on a topic, you can just go through it again and again, until you feel comfortable.


Reduced Costs

E-Learning doesn’t incur the same costs as in person learning. To be able to put on a course, a company would need to hire a space, hire a person to teach the course, as well as lot of other costs. This in turn would put the price up for you, with E-Learning, all the savings the company makes are passed directly to you. You will also save on things such as travel and accommodation costs.


Updated Content

One benefit of undertaking online learning is that you will always have access to the most up to date content. Being connected to the internet means you will never miss out on a new module, course or content.



Be sure to take a look at the online courses that the Keytek® Locksmith Academy has to offer and further your career!