November 12, 2021 | HFerris | Blog

Are Locksmiths in Demand?


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The demand for Locksmiths can be due to many different factors. Location, weather and the want for more home security can all play a part. Likewise, unfortunately, locks often break, people lose their keys and we’ve all gotten locked out at one point or another, all of which require the assistance of a Locksmith!

With so many different factors to Locksmith demand it’s important that if you’re thinking to become a Locksmith that you understand the demand in your area, so why we have created this blog to give you a bit more guidance.



Probably the most important factor for Locksmith demand, the want for more security. Recent statistics suggest that ¾ burglars use a door to enter a home, with a further 33% breaking the lock to do so, so it’s no surprise that people are conscious about the level of security that their door locks provide and might be looking to contact a Locksmith about upgrades or just for a bit of advice.


How Can a Locksmith Help with Security?

A Locksmith provides a range of security services for customers who offer the demand. These can include:

  • Repair and upgrade for Window Locks
  • Repair, upgrade, and fitment for Door locks and locking mechanisms
  • Garage door locks and security upgrades
  • Smart home security advice and products

Although this list is not inclusive of all of the security services a Locksmith can provide, these are often the ones which are the most common and have the most demand for.



A bustling city tends to have higher crime rates than a sleepy country town, so the demand for more security services could be more in areas of higher crime rates where people might be more conscious of their home security.

Likewise, those who live by the seaside are more likely to have issues with their door hardware due to the salt air, so you could potentially see a bigger demand in seaside towns and cities for repair and replacement.

The location in which a Locksmith operates can affect the level of demand for different Locksmith services, but all locations around the UK will need a Locksmith at one point or another.


The Weather

It might be surprising to some, but the weather can be a massive factor in the demand for Locksmith services. When it’s a bit too hot, you could see a few UPVC doors swell and be unable to be close for which a customer will call out a Locksmith to help adjust the door or even when it’s too cold (which is often the case in the UK!) the locking system of a door could jam rendering it unsecured. Either way, weather can play a big factor in the demand for a Locksmith and can account for when the demand for a Locksmith is higher at certain parts of the year compared to others.


Industry Contacts

It’s not only home owners who need Locksmiths but also other industries such as schools, bailiffs and estate agents who will have often need for Locksmiths. Instead of just one home, estate agents can manage hundreds, with all of those potentially needing lock repair, replacement or help when the tenant gets locked out!

Opening Locksmith services out for businesses can provide another line of demand for Locksmith services and often in higher quantities.


Key Workers

Locksmiths, as providers of emergency services, had been allowed to continue their work during the pandemic and lockdowns. As the first point of call for those who are locked out or have found that their door won’t lock, the demand for Locksmiths has continued even during times where the rest of the country has shut down.

Even in uncertain times such as this where there is always the possibility of the reintroduction of restrictions, the demand for Locksmiths remains in place as they provide emergency services in home security.


Are you Interested in Becoming a Locksmith?

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