Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Locksmith

Locksmithing is defined as someone who makes and repairs locking mechanisms. The industry its self is vast and ever growing covering both domestic and commercial areas and these skills are in constant demand.

Committing to a career path or perhaps changing career paths can be daunting and will need a lot of research. To make things easier on you, we’ve compiled this blog to include everything that you need to know about becoming a locksmith; from why to what’s required! Here we have answered the five biggest questions you might have about locksmithing!


1. Why become a Locksmith?


People often lose their keys, get locked out or just want their locks replaced as locks often fail or break over time. This means that this industry is one of the very few that is and will always be in high demand. Aside from this, what are some other reasons to become a locksmith?

  • People need confidence that their homes and businesses are safe
  • Insurance providers have terms and conditions needed for insurance to be valid, so people need to know that their security meets those requirements.
  • Everyday hundreds of people move houses want to make their home is secure meaning locks will need to be changed
  • Locksmithing is generally untouched by the wider economy so you could have recession proof earnings.
  • You can have complete flexibility of your working hours. There is no need for 9-5, you can tailor your working life to what suits you
  • No job is ever the same, meaning every jobs brings new challenges and the sense of fulfillment on every completed job

Becoming a Locksmith can provide you with a long and satisfying career and is the perfect step if thinking about a career change. There is no age limit on learning; all that is required is the patience to learn something new!


2. What should I think about before becoming a Locksmith


What area will you be working in?

This is a major aspect to take into consideration, whether you will be working in a small local radius or cover a larger area will determine the potential customer pool you could reach.

What is your customer base?

Who you are targeting will play a big role in the amount of work that you do. Is your chosen radius a high crime area; meaning their will potentially be more security and lock change jobs? Is it a cash-rich area; will people pay more for convenience? What is the average age population?

Asking yourself these questions will allow you to determine the types of jobs that would be more regular for you. For example, in a smaller village with a population of families and the older generation where the crime rate is low the most often job would be lock outs, lock changes and lock fixes.

What is your competition?

How many other Locksmiths are in your area? Where do they cover? What services do they offer? Knowing your competition allows you to know what you are competing against, and how you can make yourself different to stand out to customers.

What services can I offer?

Within locksmithing there are many different services that you can offer, and it is completely dependent on you what services you learn and if you specialize. Most basic training courses will offer you a broad view of many services, but extra training would be required to learn niche techniques such as safe opening or auto locksmithing.


3. Do I have what it takes to become a Locksmith?


  1.  Are you honest, respectful and can use discretion when necessary?
  2.  Do you have the ability to carry out intricate procedures with great detail?
  3.  Are you analytical and inquisitive?
  4.  Do you complete tasks with efficiency and high quality?
  5.  Can you easily talk to people and have good communication skills?
  6.  Do you own a valid UK driving licence?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions then a career as a Locksmith might be for you and you should consider a Locksmith training course.


4. How much would it cost to become a Locksmith?


The start-up costs are completely dependent on what services you are looking to provide. We here at Keytek® provide 1 & 2 day courses that cover limited aspects which would be a good option for someone who is looking to add to their skill set to enhance another business; such as double glazing company who want their fitters to be more competent with the locks that they are installing. However, we also offer more intensive 5 & 8 day courses that cover all aspects of locksmithing which are ideal for those who are looking to make this their main profession. Depending on what you are looking to learn, the price can vary.


Aside from the initial training cost there are other things you must consider:

Tooling and stock; to be able to start your new career you will need an array of tools and stock to be able to complete jobs. See our different stock and tooling packages for an idea.

Vehicle; can you use your current vehicle or will you need to purchase a van?

Fuel; depending on the area you are looking to cover, you will do more travelling and thus will be spending more money on petrol or diesel.

Insurance; if you are a mobile locksmith you must have business insurance to be able to drive to multiple job locations and public liability insurance to protect yourself and your business against compensation.

Marketing; you will need to advertise your services through many different channels, will you have a website or listings in magazines and phone books?


5. How do I train to become a Locksmith?


The easiest way to become a Locksmith is to attend a course. There are a variety of courses available that vary depending on what you are looking to get out the course. Intensive courses that cover all aspects can span up to a fortnight whereas shorter courses are available that will cover certain techniques and skills specific to one area.

At Keytek® we suggest our 5 or 8 day Level 4 courses for newcomers that will provide you will all the knowledge you will need to be a fully trained locksmith. However, the benefit of the 8 day course is the added onsite experience with our local locksmith that allows you to get some firsthand experience before heading out on your own.


What would a Locksmith training course offer?

Often in a basic Locksmith courses, you will be tutored and assessed on a wide range of techniques that cover identification, operations, opening, fitting and upgrading the most common locking systems along with key cutting, basic vehicle opening / key retrieval. However, the level of knowledge you will get will be completely dependent on the type of course you attend, we suggest always read the course breakdown to fully understand what you will be taught and in turn what services you could offer.



How long does it take to train?

A full training course that covers everything you need to know can be anywhere between 5 – 8 days depending on the extent of the course. However, due to the nature of the industry it can take a couple of years after that to become fully competent for every situation. Another thing to consider is that, much like every industry, standards and products are consistently changing and updating meaning that there will always be something new to learn.

Often if you have previously been in a similar profession such as carpentry, it does allow for the skills to be learn faster and that past experiences do tend to enable a better grasp of techniques faster.


What qualifications are needed?

As it currently stands there is no official qualification for locksmithing, and it is not a regulated industry). However, our 5 day course does provide you with a Level 4 customized qualification in locksmithing; our course is approved by the NCFE and is the highest accreditation you can achieve in the UK.  Make sure when researching a course  you read into what they are offering you. Although there is no official qualification you want to make sure that you get the most from your money and gain the most out of your education. An accreditation or customized qualification will always look good to a customers, it gives them the assurance that you are fully trained and know what you’re doing.


Why train with Keytek®?

Founded in 1993, Keytek® has developed and grown from the initial van ‘Emergency Locksmith’ organisation to the largest ‘National Locksmith’ organisation in the UK today with  over 200 Locksmiths across the UK.

Here at The Keytek® Locksmith Training we offer a gateway to  a professional Locksmith career through our Level 4 courses that are NCFE approved. Combined with our Approved Centre Status and state of the art facilities, the education you will receive is the best in the industry, giving you the knowledge to become a fully trained Locksmith.


What we offer


All of our Locksmithing courses have been designed to provide our trainees with the knowledge and understanding you need to start your new career. We offer;

  • Structured to suit all needs

We offer a variety of customised qualifications that range from new beginners courses to top ups. Whatever you are looking to learn, we can help.


  • Ongoing 24/7 technical support

Once you finished your course, you can contact us 24 hours a day for continual on-site support. We won’t abandon you once you have finished our course, we will continue to support you.


  • Purpose built training facilities

Our state of the art facilities provide you with the perfect environment to master the Locksmithing trade; you will practise on actual doors to get the best learning experience possible. Our class sizes are capped at 5 per course so you get the individual training you need


  • Possibility of sub-contracting 

We offer the possibility to sub-contract through us to help build your experience and confidence.