The Keytek™ Locksmith Training Academy aims to provide excellent, professional locksmith training service for individuals of all abilities and experience levels. But don’t just take our word for it – we have been fortunate enough to receive some glowing testimonials not only from students who are new to the industry, but also from professional locksmith engineers who have either taken part in our previous locksmith courses or Assessments.


  Andy Poole – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“I thoroughly enjoyed the assessment, I was a little nervous to begin with but was quickly put at ease by Craig. I would not hesitate to go on for further Training/Assessments in the future should I need to”.… (More)                           

  Barry Kay – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“I was initially concerned coming down as I get nervous when it comes to Assessments/test scenarios however I was quickly reassured by Craig upon arrival. The Assessment was really helpful and I’m glad I did it”..(more)

  Colin Preston – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“The Assessment was well worked out, a great deal of hard work and thought has obviously gone into putting the Assessment together”.

“Professional and friendly environment”... (more)

 Terry Read – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“The Accreditation itself was well structured but still relaxed and it was great to meet other guys in the trade.”… (more)

  Alan Veale – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“The training course “Level 3 Accredited Experience Package” was professionally run from start to finish and offered unparalleled student support with instructors who were experienced locksmiths.”… (more)

  Ed Milward – NCFE Accredited Engineer

       “ I thoroughly enjoyed the Assessment and the company of everyone that took part”…(more)        

 Tom Hickmott – NCFE Accredited Engineer

              “The Assessment was very good; Craig and Andy were as ever very helpful”... (more)                  

  Sam Fry – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“The Assessment was well structured and very informative. Craig and Andy are a credit to the company and I enjoyed the 2 days”.

 “All of the staff at KeytekTM do an excellent job, they are always professional and patient”... (more)

  Matthew Barnes – NCFE Accredited Engineer

“Craig made me feel at ease before the Assessment commenced. Everything was well organised and it was enjoyable to do”.

“All of the staff at KeytekTM do an excellent job, they are always professional and patient”...(more)       


If you would like to view testimonials from more of our students please click here.

This is just a selection of some of the many happy students we’ve trained at the Keytek™ Academy over the years. To become one of them, book a locksmith training course today – contact us on 01202 711195 or email us via our contact form.

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