Keytek™ 8 Day Level 4 ‘Experience Package’
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Keytek™ 8 Day Level 4 ‘Experience Package’

The Level 4 Accredited ‘Experience Package’ CourseKeytek-Academy-8-Day-Level-4-Accredited-Locksmith-Training-Course

This Eight Day Course will not only provide you with a comprehensive understanding and practical application of locksmith techniques, but on successful completion you will also be awarded a Level 4 NCFE Certificate in Locksmithing… the highest level within the Locksmith industry. This is then further enhanced by three days with scenario training and on site shadowing where the whole of an actual customer job is viewed, from receiving the job details, arriving on site and customer care throughout. This gives a unique opportunity to put the skills learnt through the previous five days into practice.

Course Breakdown…

This Course covers all aspects of the 5 Day Level 4 Accredited Course including the identification, operation, opening techniques, fitting and upgrading of the most common lock types.

Examples as follows:

The Course will also cover…

During the additional 3 days of the Experience Course you will receive:

The Eight Day package has a maximum of 2 students per course.


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Additional 8 Day Course Information

Skill Enhancement Sessions                             

These one on one sessions can be used as time to develop your techniques as a locksmith, it will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and to go back over anything you have learnt over the previous week.

Real Life Scenario Training

These training sessions are conducted within the practical training areas of the Academy, where commonly found scenarios will be played out. Using your new skills you will be faced with several different scenarios that any mobile locksmith will encounter whilst out on the road. These may include:

  • Various scenarios to gain entry to uPVC and wooden doors following a lock out, using a wide variety of techniques
  • Following a break in, offering relevant security advise to the customer
  • Upgrading home security, including doors and windows
  • Removing snapped keys from a variety of locks
  • Identifying faults on uPVC mechanisms and ordering replacement parts
  • Gaining entry to a vehicle, when keys have been lost or locked inside

On-site Locksmith Shadowing

This is a unique opportunity to shadow an experienced locksmith on the road whilst he completes Keytek™ customer jobs, giving you an insight into the types of jobs that you will come across on a daily basis as a locksmith, witnessing first hand the techniques that you will have learnt being put into practice. This is also an ideal time to ask any questions of the locksmith that you may have.

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