How to Become a Locksmith

How to become a Locksmith

The Locksmith industry is an attractive industry, with many searching how to become a Locksmith. The choice of what hours are worked, having the flexibility to have a work-life balance and to experience varied jobs everyday are just a few luxuries that Locksmiths enjoy within their job. The Locksmith industry itself is vast and ever growing, covering domestic, commercial and auto Locksmithing and is always in demand meaning that whatever the world might throw at you, you will still retain your income as a key worker!

So, the question stands, how do you become a locksmith? Take a look at our in depth step by step guide to find out how to become a Locksmith in the UK!


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Locksmith Training Courses

The first step in becoming a Locksmith is to attend a Locksmith course. You should look to attend a course at a training centre which has been approved by an awarding body, such as the NCFE or Highfield.

Course durations can vary but if you’re a newcomer to the industry we recommended a course which is at least 5 days long to ensure that on your journey to become a Locksmith you build only the best training, knowledge and confidence.


What do I need before becoming a Locksmith?

The one thing you require to have before becoming a Locksmith is a full UK driving licence, as a large part of the job requires travelling to customers’ homes and commercial properties. We recommend that you get a Locksmith van as your work vehicle as you will need to carry plenty of tools and parts to each job with you.


How long does it take to become a Locksmith?

Becoming a Locksmith can be jumpstarted by a Locksmith course but will take a little while for you to build up your confidence and experience. We here at the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy offer extensive and specifically tailored Locksmith Courses, ranging from 1 to 8 days, to help you on your journey to become a Locksmith.


We have two recommended courses that we suggest for newcomers to the industry, our official Highfield Locksmith Qualification and Our Level 4 NCFE Locksmith Accreditation. Both courses are uniquely tailored to help our students as they become Locksmiths, and to ensure they receive only the highest level of education.

Our Locksmith qualification consists of an initial 8-day training period, where you will receive a level 4 Locksmith accreditation, then followed by a 3-6 month distanced learning period where you will achieve your official Locksmith qualification. Please see our Locksmith qualification course page for more information!


Our Level 4 Locksmith Accreditation lasts 5 days, and prepares you for a variety of different scenarios and situations to ensure you are confident enough for real life customers and situations.

Is there a Locksmith Qualification?

Yes! New for 2020 is the first official Locksmith qualification to exist in the UK. We are proud to be one of the first Locksmith training providers to offer a Locksmith qualification, approved by Highfield. We have also included some of our own Our Locksmith qualification course is available with 0% APR Locksmith funding and ELC credits. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!


Who are Highfield?

Highfield are one of the UK’s most recognisable awarding organisations and are regulated by many organisations including Ofqual.


Who are the NCFE?

The NCFE (Northern Advisory Council for Further Education) are a national Awarding Organisation. They have been designing, developing and certificating nationally recognised qualifications for over 150 years. The NCFE is recognised as an Awarding Organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The NCFE offers over 500 qualifications at different levels and in a wide range of subject areas including vocational qualifications and further education. The NCFE is one of only a few awarding bodies that can provide an accreditation in Locksmithing, it is important to have a recognised accreditation when becoming a Locksmith to be able to sub-contract for companies.


What does an Accreditation mean?

Earning an accreditation shows not only your employers, but your customers that you are trained to a professional level. It shows that you have the skills to pass an assessment, as well as the commitment to being at the highest level you can be. Many national Locksmith companies will not let you sub-contract unless you have a recognised accreditation.

Why Become a Locksmith?

So why become a Locksmith? The Locksmith industry is vast and encompasses many different areas including domestic and commercial markets. There are many benefits including:


Locksmith Job Safety

The Locksmith industry is a very stable line of work as home security is vital and the Locksmith industry moves with the times. In recent times our Locksmiths have benefited as they are key workers and so it was vital, they continued working during the UK lockdown. Becoming a Locksmith, offers a security that many other industries don’t benefit from.


Locksmith Work/Life Balance:

When you become a Locksmith, you benefit from being able to choose your own working hours; this means Locksmiths often enjoy a better work/life balance and get to spend more time with their families. Many Locksmiths still choose to work a full 40 hour week but spread it out over evenings and weekends. Becoming a Locksmith gives you the flexibility to fit work around the other important things in your life.


Locksmith Career Progression:

Locksmiths are able to build on their career as the industry is ever changing and new products and skills are needed. As well as constantly improving on their skills and knowledge, Locksmiths have a few pathways they can take to work towards. They include working for themselves, owning their own business and subcontracting or solely subcontracting with a bigger company. Becoming a Locksmith is not simply one thing, you have the pathways to expand and continually improve your services.


Locksmith Earnings:

Locksmiths earn on average from £18,000- £30,000 but many Locksmiths earn much more than that with time and dedication. Becoming a Locksmith and trading successfully is down to the drive and commitment of the individual. With time, quality and experience becoming a Locksmith can be very profitable.

Why train with Keytek® Locksmiths

If you decide to become a Locksmith, you will want to ensure that you receive the best education from the some of the industries top experts, and that is what we offer at the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy. At our state of art training facility, we offer bespoke Locksmith training experiences that ensure your journey to becoming a Locksmith is supported by industry experts.


We offer an official Locksmith qualification course (found here), the first Locksmith qualification in the UK as well as official level 4 Locksmith accreditations. Our trainees benefit from their own doors and set of tools and equipment on all of our courses and one to one training. Trainees are monitored and assessed throughout the duration of the course and upon successful completion our trainees may be offered to subcontract with Keytek®.


The Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy has state of the art training facilities with fully experienced Locksmiths. We offer;

  • Locksmith training courses that are structured to suit all needs
  • Small learning groups for all courses, meaning you will get the attention you need
  • Courses tailored to cover any hurdles you may come up against.
  • Courses taught in a ‘step by step’ progression allowing you to become a professional Locksmith
  • Vehicle tooling and stocking recommendations to ensure an easy transition into the trade
  • Stock and tools at discounted prices available from stock
  • Keytek® provides full stock ordering through us, taking the strain out of the first few months of trading and offering you competitive prices
  • 24 hour on-site technical telephone support to ensure you continue to be supported and to learn after you have completed your course
  • Possibility of sub-contract work being offered at the end of the course

All of Keytek® courses have been designed to provide our trainees with the knowledge and understandings they need to become a Locksmith and succeed in their future careers. Both the course delivery and content positions Keytek® Locksmith training head and shoulders above other courses offered within the industry for thorough effective training.


If you are committed to starting or progressing through your career in Locksmithing, training with Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy will set you on the right path and give you all the tools you need to succeed.


Why work with Keytek® Locksmiths

Upon successful completion of one of our Locksmith courses you may be offered the chance to subcontract with Keytek®. This will allow you to begin working and earning money as soon as you qualify and with the support from our technical team you have the flexibility to grow your expertise as a Locksmith. Once you have completed a course and are on the next step of your journey to become a Locksmith you have access to call our technical team 24/7. Should you get stuck on a job or in a situation you are not confident with you are able to ring the team and they will talk you through the next steps so you can relax in the knowledge that once you are out on the road you are not alone.


Furthermore, once you are confident in Locksmithing you may continue subcontracting with Keytek® as well as working your own jobs and even when you subcontract your own staff. This allows you to maintain a steady flow of income as we are the UK’s largest Locksmith community in which many customers trust to complete their home security.

How much does it cost to become a Locksmith?

All of the Keytek® Locksmith course prices are stated in each course section. Becoming a Locksmith may initially be expensive as not only do you need to become qualified or accredited, but you also need to order stock and tooling to complete the work. We understand this here at Keytek® which is why we are proud to offer our trainees a 0% APR loan to pay the course fees in small monthly repayments without the stress of having to pay off interest too! Find out more about our Locksmith loans here!


Where to do a Locksmith course?

The NCFE and other awarding bodies provide accreditations for Locksmithing, so it is best to do your training at a place that has approved centre status. If you wish to sub-contract with a bigger company then it is essential that you get an accreditation. There are not many NCFE certified training centres in the UK, so make sure you do your research into where you go. You need to make sure the course you undertake is suitable for your needs. Most Locksmith courses are pretty hands on, but there is a small element of written work and if you take the Keytek® 5 or 8 day course, you are assessed throughout the week, with a final practical assessment at the end. The 8 day course includes 3 full days of on-site training after this assessment.


What is covered in a Locksmith course?

Depending on which course you undertake will determine what you learn on a Locksmith course. Here at the Keytek® Academy we offer the highest Locksmith qualification and accreditation in the industry. All of our Locksmith courses provide you will skilled knowledge on non-destructive opening techniques and the more extensive courses cover that plus; cylinders, key cutting, mortice locks, uPVC doors and windows, car opening and much more!


Specialised Locksmith Courses

Auto Locksmithing is different from traditional Locksmithing, as it is specific to cars. A trainee Locksmith who takes an auto Locksmith course will be taught how to; strip, understand and rebuild a range of vehicle locks, lock picking and decoding both cylinder and laser locks, along with an overview of immobiliser systems, transponders and diagnostics, and much, much more.


You can also become a Safe Specialist by taking another course. As safes are designed to withstand tampering and unwanted entry, you will have to have specialist training to be able to work on them. The course would involve learning a number of different techniques to be able to open most safes, using various different tools. Safe specialists are always in demand as there are many things that can prevent an owner getting into a safe; electronic failure, safe lock failure and of course forgotten codes.


Another course you can take is for Access Control. This is usually used in business to control foot traffic for an entire workforce. It can involve key cards, electronic codes and video and audio entry systems. You will be trained on how to program and reprogram electrical security measures and understanding wiring diagrams.


You will be taught the basics during our more extensive Locksmith courses in auto Locksmithing and safe opening.

So do you have what it takes to become a Locksmith?

If you are still serious about starting a career in Locksmithing, then there are a few things you need to consider;

  • Are you; honest, respectful and have the ability to use discretion where necessary?
  • Do you have a keen eye for detail when carrying out intricate procedures?
  • Do you have the ability to gain understanding of mechanics and electronics?
  • Do you have an analytical and questioning mind?
  • Will you be able to empathise with customers when needed?
  • Are you persistent and tenacious? With determination to carry out a job?
  • Do you have a valid UK driving licence?


If you answered yes to most or all of these questions then a career as a Locksmith is achievable for you and you should consider a Locksmith training course. A career in Locksmithing can provide you with;

  • Recession proof earnings – as mentioned above the Locksmith industry in general are not affected regardless of what’s going on in the wider economy.
  • Flexibility –A successful Locksmith business can not only run 9-5, with a career as a Locksmith you will be able to tailor your working hours around your life. With this balance you will be able to earn a good salary a skilled tradesman can reasonably expect.
  • Job satisfaction – Once you have had the necessary training to operate as a Locksmith, your abilities and confidence will continue to grow with every job you complete. Every new job will give you the opportunity to complete a new task and with that comes a tremendous feeling of fulfilment. Also, knowing that you have given a customer piece of mind that their home or business is safe and secure will bring huge satisfaction.


Book your Locksmith Course with Keytek® Today!

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