Hints and tips to help keep your property secure this winter.
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Hints and tips to help keep your property secure this winter.

During the winter months, as the nights draw longer and the frost begins to show we all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. In this
blog we tackle some of winter’s ‘bites’ and show you how to help keep your home free from opportunistic thieves.

56% of burglaries occur during the night and increase by 20% in the winter months making this season a prime time of the year for burglars to target. Homes
can be targeted for a number of reasons, many of these are not planned attacks like many people believe but more likely when a burglar spots an

With this is mind there are many ways of deterring burglars by removing the opportunity for attack, below we have listed some helpful hints and tips on how
best to protect your home this winter.

· When going out, leave a light on or on a timer thus giving the impression someone is home.

· If you’re away for a weekend or a long period of time, ask a neighbour to park on your drive – a burglar is far less likely to target your home if they
think it is occupied and will move on.

· Outside lights on motion sensors are a great way to deter someone who is approaching your home as they will quickly be illuminated when moving closer to
the property.

· Weak locks can easily be picked or snapped so it is worth having a local locksmith attend your property to replace or upgrade any locks you may be
concerned about.

· There are many additional security items you can have fitted to improve the security on your doors and windows such as additional bolts, door chains and
window restrictors.

· Have a burglar alarm fitted; if you cannot afford a full alarm system then dummy alarms can be equally as effective, at a fraction of the price.

· At night and when leaving your property make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked and that all curtains and blinds are shut or that valuable
items cannot be seen by passersby on the street.

· Check the perimeter of your home for any weak spots.

· Lock all garages and sheds – Tooling could be used by a potential intruder to gain entry to your property so ensure there are adequate locks on all
sheds, garages or outbuildings.

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